Working as a makeup artist on movie sets, I seem to accumulate a lot of product. I love makeup and it’s a reward to find the right product for the right job.

Since the COVID 19 pandemic has changed the modern world and effectively shut down my industry, I’ve found myself trying to find new ways of getting by. And I have come to realize that self-care is still important, perhaps more than ever before in our lifetime.

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We’ve got to look after ourselves!

A couple of months ago, I made little gift bags for some close friends. They were filled with the surplus of beauty and skincare products I had in storage that I knew would not outlast the pandemic.

It was a very small gesture on my part, but it made my friends feel good. And that, in turn, made me feel great!

It also gave me a real idea at how these seemingly non-essential luxury items can help us get through each day, and just 15 minutes of “me time” is vital to stay positive and relaxed these days. Just a little bit of self-care will help you get through this!

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With each passing week of this pandemic, I try to find something different to do to relax. Whether it’s my lame attempt at a home manicure (I won’t be posting those results just yet!) or treating myself to a 10-minute eye mask. Or what about listening to your all-time favorite album in its entirety? Even an extra-long session watering my rose garden counts for me! We seem to never have the time, right? What about right now? Find the time!!

When was the last time you took some time for yourself? How do you make that “me time” a priority?

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