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How To Feel Good When You Work 12 or More Hours As A Makeup Artist

Makeup work is awesome. Let’s not deny it. You and I get to be part of super cool movies and tv shows, meet really interesting people, and work in really unusual, exotic and exciting places that we might not have the chance to travel to otherwise. But of course, there has to be a downside. …

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What’s The Single Most Important Makeup Technique You’re Not Using?

And the best thing about this technique is it doesn’t even involve picking up a brush or any makeup product at all. It’s not blending, it’s not concealing, and guess what? Nobody will even know you’re doing it! This technique will change your makeup game for good. Perhaps you’re already using it and you don’t …

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The Best Little Portable Airbrush Makeup Kit In Town

Not too long ago, I was finally introduced to a portable airbrush system that actually works, is cordless, tidy, and reliable. And it holds a charge longer than 5 minutes. Yep, a portable airbrush makeup kit that I suspect you could do almost any last-minute touches with. And bring it to set all day without …

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How To Wisely Build Your Makeup Kit From Scratch

Why you might need to do this “My co-worker left her makeup kit in her car overnight. When she went to get it the next morning, everything was gone.” Sound familiar? Other such nightmare scenarios for makeup artists might include – traveling by air only to discover your case of makeup has mysteriously gone AWOL. …