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I'm Kerrin Jackson
a film and tV Makeup Artist

Welcome to The Makeup Refinery! I’ve been doing makeup for over 25 years, and now it’s time to share everything I’ve learned along the way. From product knowledge, to techniques and tricks of the trade, I want to share it all with you. My goal is to set you up for a successful path in makeup artistry, one that stems from diligence and passion, with a mindset to always want to learn more.

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“I really enjoy The Makeup Refinery. It’s so nice seeing our craft approached so thoughtfully, intellectually and from the approach of a film & television makeup artist, versus a lot of what is published about makeup – it usually skews editorial or for the average makeup user. So nice to have this outlet and you do it so well!”

– Megan Nicoll

Local 706 Makeup Artist


“I haven’t found a beauty blog like The Makeup Refinery before.

It’s very honest, well researched and well rounded (I laughed a lot reading the turtle story!) plus of course backed by the multiple years of experience you have as a makeup artist.”

– Melissa Jimenez

Makeup Artist


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“I want to share and inspire; to help you become a more well-rounded, confident, and highly skilled makeup artist”

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