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Whether you’re a beginner makeup artist or further along the road, there’s something for you inside The Makeup Refinery.

I want not only to educate but also inspire you. So let’s get started!

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I confess. I’m a makeup hoarder.

Well, maybe the more eloquent description would be “collector.”

I’m Kerrin. And after steadily chipping away as a film and tv makeup artist for the last 25-something (shhh!) years now, who wouldn’t be? (she tells herself after her bi-monthly “how to avoid makeup kit overwhelm” kit overhaul).

I’ve gotten a whiff of golden glory with 4 Emmy nominations!

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What our customers are saying

I haven’t found a website like The Makeup Refinery before!

It’s very honest, well-researched, and well-rounded.
And, of course, backed by the many years of experience you have as a professional makeup artist.”
Melissa Jimenez
Makeup Artist

I really love The Makeup Refinery!

It’s so nice seeing our craft approached so thoughtfully, intellectually, and from the approach of a film & television makeup artist, versus a lot of what is published about makeup – it usually skews editorial or for the average makeup user. It’s so nice to have this outlet, and you do it so well!”
Megan Nicoll
Local 706 Makeup Artist
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