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For makeup artists who want to feel…

confident and creatively charged with every application, The Makeup Refinery is the industry’s “virtual water cooler” that’ll inspire you to go from generic “meh” makeups to viral visions in no time.

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Want to learn how they did the makeup in your favorite movie you’ve watched 37 times this year?

You’ll dive deep into topics and techniques that are being used on projects in today’s industry because they come straight from the artists working in the trenches today, and not from a school curriculum that’s as outdated as my favorite 90s paisley happy pants.

Within the walls of this blog, the 5 Minute Face Talk podcast, and my personal newsletter “The Blend” (which goes out weekly to thousands of raving makeup fans), I house a delicate mix of personal vulnerabilities, highs, and slightly lower lows.
I curate my very own product discoveries and makeup techniques (and blunders).
All designed to delight and inspire you to soar like the makeup swan you are.

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Whether you’re a fledgling makeup artist,

primed to take flight, or a gold-card-carrying, self-assured legend of makeup who just wants to create cool looks that your actors will love.
Gain the respect of your peers and bosses, allow your work to speak for itself, and kick that imposter syndrome to the cosmetica curb once and for all.
By getting “The Blend”, you’ll be oh-so gently reminded that you’re not the only one to second-guess your makeup choices, hey, even product choices.
So before you scroll down, remember it’s never too late (or early!) to get your makeup groove back, even if your name’s not Stella.

There will be no “influencer talk” here.

No, I don’t work for fifty-seven micro, mini, or mainstream beauty brands.
Because you just need to know what works. And what doesn’t.

As you might have suspected hoped, there will be no youtube videos, no tutorials, or unboxing videos for you to sit through.

You’ll discover stories, suggestions and the odd conversation-starter piece for you to ponder. Oh, perhaps a random shrieking of, “I am not an influencer, I am a makeup artist.” Because you don’t wanna hear it from someone who could be your neighbor Pam’s sunscreen-eating grandkid, simply another working makeup artist.

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Bald Cap Brain Teaser

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Free Face Chart


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It’s very honest, well-researched, and well-rounded.
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Kerrin is phenomenal!!!!
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