I recall my husband watching in fascination as I squished a face mask onto my face in front of the bathroom mirror. ‘If only there was a treatment mask for men’ I would think to myself.

In the years since I have managed to gently coerce them onto his face with some success. But now I am aware of a product that is the Bro Mask.

As its name so eloquently states, this is a face mask specifically tailored for the male face and complexion.

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mens treatment bro mask
The Bro Mask photo by Moi!

First of all, the size of the mask is larger than the standard, everyday treatment mask.

It comes in two parts – an upper and lower face shape part. Any bearded man’s dream come true.

It’s also double-sided. So you can apply it either side down. Then here’s no fumbling peeling it off in a lackluster attempt to adhere the correct side to your face.

The material it’s made of is called hydrogel.

Hydrogel is a product used a lot in the medical field. It adheres to the skin way more effectively than the standard cotton fibers most face masks are made of. It holds more liquid and is thicker, making it all round more efficient.

What’s in the Bro Mask?

The Bro Mask is utterly packed full of soothing and healing ingredients. B3, green tea (that rhymed!) ginger root that all aid in reducing redness and inflammation. It also contains collagen which helps improve the skin’s elasticity and density. Licorice root which assists in the control of oil production. And red seaweed that contains vitamins that help defend against UV rays on the skin.

Jaxon Lane’s Bro Mask

Using this mask on actors I have seen their skin go from woe to glow! Truly a beauty product for men indeed. This really is the treatment mask any guy needs!

Find the Bro Mask here!

With an ever-expanding awareness of skincare for the male market, there is no surprise in learning that it’s the #1 top-selling treatment face mask for men. They have also received multiple awards for the Bro-Mask. So fellas, jump on it! You’ll thank me!

Featured image by Robson Hatsukami Morgan via Unsplash

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