sculpture of a mans face

To Sculpt in Makeup FX – Not Entirely a Man’s World

I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Canadian-born Savannah Koningen, a sculptor and makeup effects artist in her own right. Her passion and enthusiasm for her craft are nothing short of infectious. Together we explore art history, her favorite sculptors – past and present, and all things in the technical realm that is to …

makeup pinocchio movie

Interview With A Movie Makeup Artist: Duncan Jarman

We have just celebrated the 2021 Academy Awards, and I wanted to take a minute to lavish in the work of Matteo Garrone’s folkloric and rustic re-telling of the classic Pinocchio. This movie has single-handedly re-ignited my love for movie-makeup and fantasy characters, after what seems like the longest of times. It is nominated for …

two headed man sculpture

Thomas Kuebler: The Man and Mind Behind the Curiosities

There’s a good chance you may have seen one of Tom’s works online somewhere. Taken a quick double-take at the eccentric character on your screen and continued with your day. Yes, the chances are, you saw an unusual-looking character and thought nothing more of it. Except for the fact that it wasn’t a person at …

skincare and beauty gift sets

56 Christmas Gift Set Ideas You’ll Love in 2020

Tis the season…. to be tackling your Christmas gift shopping. What better time than right now to get on to that list? We’ve put together a massive grouping of our some of our favorite brands. All things skincare and self-care, for both the man, woman and tween in your life. Big gifts, small gifts, stocking …

turkey merck zombie mugs

The Sensational Art of a Turkey Merck

I’m fortunate enough to be able to call Kevin Merck a friend. I wish I were also fortunate enough to share the incredible natural sculpting gift that he possesses! These days, however, Kevin is more frequently known as his business persona, “Turkey Merck.” Turkey Merck is not only a catchy and intriguing brand name, but …