I have wanted to write about Nügg, and in particular, the Nugg Lip Mask and Lip Scrub for some time now, and as they say, “There’s no time like the present,” so here goes!

Oh, and before we go any further, it’s pronounced NUG, as in SNUG as a BUG in a RUG. Okay, we’ve got that cleared up, let’s carry on. Shall we?

What I love about Nügg Beauty as a brand is that it’s so accessible. You can usually pick it up at Target or Whole Foods or on Amazon. The single-serve notion, whilst being convenient and affordable, does upset the ethical earth-loving side of me.

However, Nügg makes some really great little products, and they are perfect for being on the go or if you’re traveling (road trips count!).

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Nügg Lip Crush Vanilla Lip Scrub

There is something so satisfying about putting any sugar scrub product on your lips. It exfoliates without being too harsh, and it just feels great! I do love a good lip scrub product, for sure.

As you can guess from the name and description, the lip scrub does a champion job of sloughing away the dead skin cells as you massage in the delicious (yes, it’s really yummy!) vanilla-flavored sugar granules.

It also contains Jojoba Oil, which is bursting with fatty acids. The benefits of fatty acids are not only great for our lips but our skin as well.

Fatty acids help calm, hydrate, improve appearance, and reduce redness. They can also reduce flakiness, protect against environmental factors, help provide anti-oxidants that help with anti-aging. Wowzers!

Fatty acids are certainly our friends when it comes to our skincare, and you can definitely sense them going to work in this product.

nugg lip scrub on cactus
Nugg Lip Scrub on Cactus by Kerrin Jackson

The Lip Scrub also contains Cocoa Butter to help moisturize your lips whilst giving them their necessary exfoliation. Buy it right here!

The Lip Scrub is now available in 4 different aromas:

  • Coffee Fix – find it here
  • Berry Dream – find it here
  • Vanilla – (that I have reviewed above) find it here
  • Chocolate Mint – find it here

Something for everyone, right?

At this point, I’d love to add that Nügg Beauty produces all-natural skincare products. They are certified vegan and are a Cruelty-Free brand, so look for the leaping bunny when you buy.

They are also paraben-free, do not contain any synthetic fragrances or petrochemicals.

I also enjoy noting their cute and savvy recommendations to re-purpose the packaging after you’ve finished using up the product. And I have to agree that the pocket-size nature of these lip care products can’t help but lend themselves to perfectly paring with your favorite skincare products for your weekend away!

nugg lip scrub and lip mask on lily pad
Nugg Lip Mask and Lip Scrub on the Lily Pad by Kerrin Jackson

And if you’re suffering in the chapped lip department, pair the scrub with the Nugg lip mask and you have yourself a user-friendly, budget-friendly, and effective lip treatment sure to bring life back into even the dullest and most dry, chapped lips in town!

Nügg Lip Bestie Coconut Lip Mask

Lip Bestie Coconut Lip mask is packed with Cocoa Butter and Shea Butter. It really goes on feeling like thick, creamy butter. As the name suggests, it’s also full of coconut oil. So with a trio of ingredients like that, your lips are in for a serious burst of hydration

The Cocoa Butter acts as an emollient; forming a seal on the lips that helps to retain moisture within them. At the same time it provides protection from the sun, wind, and other environmental factors you may be likely to face.

Shea Butter within the Mask contains Vitamins A and E which will work to soothe your lips and help heal any cracking or chapping you may be experiencing.

Nugg Lip Mask in Bromeliad
Nugg Lip Mask amongst the bromeliads. I promise you these products do say Nugg on their highly mirrored surface!
Photo by Kerrin Jackson

Unlike the peel-off mini-packs of their facial masks, Nugg’s lip products are presented in little metallic ball-shaped tubs. While these are kind of cute and fun, they don’t sit well on your bathroom counter-top, without the use of a spirit level, that is. They will do much better in your handbag, that’s for sure. But they are super cute.

And for around $10.00 or so, who’s complaining?

What I also really like about the mask, is that I can still use it as a daily lip product. As well as pop it on before bed for a more intense overnight treatment, as suggested.

If you’d like to try it, or you need a new lip mask for your dry lips, you can find it here!

I know I have mentioned this before when discussing lip treatments and in particular, lip sleeping masks. But there truly is something satisfying about waking up and still retaining the product on your lips. You just know it has been working overnight if it’s still there in the morning.

I am a big fan and follower of Nügg. I have tried and tested many, many products of the Nugg Beauty range. And no doubt I will re-visit them soon to share my thoughts about some other favorites of mine.

What is your lip-care routine? Have you used the Nugg Lip Mask? Do you ever use it to remove lip color? Please comment below. Tell me your go-to lip masks and scrubs, and anything else you like to use on a regular basis!

Resources: Nügg Beauty

Featured Image by Yours Truly!

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