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False eyelashes are a great invention, whether used daily or for special occasions. They are an instant way to make your eyes appear bigger, brighter, and more beautiful (and maybe even a bit bolder too ;). But they can be tricky to use – at least at first, anyway. 

The main issue is the adhesive. Whether it is latex-based or latex-free adhesive, the glue can end up sticking to your skin. So to help stop this, here are some great tips on how to get eyelash glue off your skin!

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But first, a brief guide to false eyelashes.


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False Eyelashes

False eyelashes or eyelash extensions are cosmetic products used to create length and provide curl, fullness, and thickness to the natural eyelash. They can also help create a more dramatic look with your eyes.

Since their creation in the early 1900s, false eyelashes have been made with many various materials. These include mink, silk, human hair, horsehair, and more up-to-date synthetic materials.

Eyelash extensions are available in three main types: Individual flare lashes, strip lashes, and single individual lashes. They attach to existing eyelashes with adhesives that are latex-based and latex-free-based.

False eyelashes give you an instant transformation in a beauty routine. But what happens when eyelash glue ends up on your skin? It’s a common issue – and luckily, not too difficult to fix.

Types of False Eyelash Removers

There are endless choices of false eyelash removers available to make it easy for you to remove them. But how do you know which type of remover to choose?

Most of the time, it depends on you, the individual.

Also, the remover you choose depends on which type of extension you use.

Strip lashes and traditional false eyelashes require a different approach than a remover for eyelash extensions. And in this post, we are focusing primarily on false eyelashes only and their adhesives.

The four removers available include cream, gel, solvent, oil-based removers, and also more natural removal processes.   

Cream Remover

-is a lotion with a soft creamy consistency. It is easy to apply and safe to use and doesn’t burn the eyes or skin as solvent removers can. The cream is safe to use with strip lashes.

Gel Remover

-also has a thick consistency and is easy to use on strip lashes. The majority of gel removers are oil-free.

Solvent remover is a liquid and applied on a cotton pad or cotton swab to the lash extension. Some solvent removers contain harsh chemicals such as glycol ether. So care is needed when using as they can irritate the eyes and skin. If you are unsure of solvent removers, book in with a professional lash technician.

Oil-Based Removers

-are available in different forms. Removers of this type can be mineral-oil-based and are sold in tubes with a small brush to apply to the lashes. Oil-based removers are not suitable for lash extensions, as it stops the glue from working when you want to use them again. Oil tends to spread and spread, so no matter how thoroughly you may clean your fake lashes, they may never adhere well again.


If you are on a budget or want a more natural approach, head to the kitchen!

Yes, that’s right, olive oil and coconut oil do the job too.

These are gentler removers and especially good for sensitive skin types. Coconut and olive oil are not for those who use strip eyelashes, as they stop the glue from working when re-using. But if you’re content with your falsies being a one-time show and happy to discard them after wearing them, these oils will be your answer.



How to Remove False Eyelashes

Getting rid of the glue left after removing false eyelashes can be challenging. It is tempting to pick and pull using a pair of tweezers, or some sharp instruments, but at all costs, avoid doing this! Here are four easy ways (and one not-so-easy way!) that are safe and work!

1.Eye Makeup Remover 

Use the correct type of eye makeup remover for false lashes. Oil-based eye makeup removers work best at removing the glue residue from the skin. It breaks down the ingredients in the glue that makes the lashes stick to the skin. A gentle makeup remover will dissolve the glue on the skin and your natural eyelashes. If you intend on using the strip lashes again, it is essential to use an oil-free makeup remover.

The first step is, to remove glue from the skin. Dip a cotton swab into the remover, and saturate it so it is not dripping. Run the swab along the eyelid, close to the lash band. Start from the outer corner and work your way into the center. Be careful not to get any in your eyes. Leave it to sit for a minute or two so that it loosens the glue from the skin and lets you pull it away with ease. If not, repeat the procedure. It can take a few minutes to dissolve the glue.

Finally, wipe the glue away with a soft, clean, damp cloth. Wash or cleanse your face and moisturize as normal! 

 2. Dissolving the Eyelash Glue With Oil

Oil breaks down the ingredients in the eyelash adhesive on the skin to help remove it. Plus, oils offer the advantage of moisturization.

Dab a cotton swab into your favorite oil (almond, baby oil, coconut, or extra virgin olive oil). Swipe the swab along the eyelid and wait for a few minutes. Leaving the oil sit for this time will help loosen the glue.

With a cotton ball or pad, wipe any surplus glue. Repeat this process until the adhesive goes away completely. When all the lash glue is gone, cleanse the entire face and moisturize as usual.

Tip – Only use this to remove excess glue from your skin. If you haven’t taken note, oil can prevent glue bonding again if you plan to re-use lash strips!

3. Steam 

Boil 3 – 4 cups of water and add to a heat-proof bowl. Drape a towel over your head, and place your face over the large bowl. Stay here for 2-3 minutes so that the heat has a chance to loosen the glue from your skin.
Afterward, it should then be easy to wipe away the glue with a soft, cotton towel.

Think of this as an added steam treatment for your face! And a great way to get eyelash glue off your skin without using any additional materials or products.

4. The Hot Towel

While we are looking at heat treatments, I wanted to mention the BEST beauty treatment of all. There is a belief that it can only occur while on a flight and up the pointy end of the plane, or when you get a facial.

But a simple and luxurious hot towel is something you can do at home, provided you own a microwave (that’s clean!) and some clean face cloths or a clean towel.

Soak the towel in water and roll it up and place it into a Ziploc bag. Pop it in the microwave for 2-3 minutes. Remove by holding the bag, as it may be scalding and steamy.

Then press gently onto your eyes when the temperature feels more like lukewarm water and is safe to put close to your eyes (you can test it on your inner wrist first)

Leave it there till it cools, and then you should be able to remove the glue by wiping it away with the towel.

And you get the bonus of a lovely hot towel treatment!



5. The Not-So-Easy Way

I felt compelled to mention this. I’ve seen people do this time, and time again. And some of us probably WILL continue to do this.

You can always just tear ’em off. Well, pick off the glue is what I mean.

(Did anyone detect my sarcasm there?) The worst thing about this approach, first of all, is you risk pulling out your own lashes. Seriously. And none of us want even fewer lashes than we already have, do we? I mean, isn’t that at least some of the point of wearing falsies? To create the illusion of having full natural lashes?

The best way to help age your eyes prematurely is by stretching the thin and delicate skin of your eyelid when you tear off the false eyelashes, so don’t do it!

When all is said and done, remember to clean your natural lashes and eyelids once the false eyelashes and residual glue have been removed. Not only will this ensure you will remove all left-over glue on and around your lashes, but more importantly, this will also help prevent eye infections or any irritations to your eyes or your real lashes.

You must take the time and spend proper care on your eyes before, during, and after wearing false lashes. They are your eyes, after all. And aside from looking great, you need to look after them!

Materials Needed

Cotton balls
Oils like olive, sweet almond, and coconut
Oil-free make up remover
Rubbing alcohol 
Face Cloth or Hand Towel

Product Recommendations

My favorite pick for eyelash cleansing is Lashify Melt Away.

Lashify’s Melt Away removes eyelash glue easily from the delicate skin around the eye area. It contains papaya fruit extract and orange fruit extract, which help moisturize and strengthen the lashes.

Another strong false eyelash remover is Ardell Lash Free Eyelash Adhesive Remover. It will make light work by eliminating any glue left on the skin. Once applied, it works efficiently. As with all of these products – be careful when using on your eyes, but this will definitely do the trick!


black Too Faced mascara

Want to find out which mascaras you’d like to pair with your lovely lashes?

Learn all about clear mascara vs black mascara here.


Cleaning Eyelashes after Removal 

It is essential to keep your eyelash strips clean and damage-free. Doing so will not only keep them in tip-top condition but will aid in prolonging their lifespan.

Start by removing any leftover glue by grabbing a tweezer and pulling off any glue still on the band. Then dip a cotton swab in rubbing alcohol or an oil-free makeup remover and wipe down the strip.

Keeping them clean means they will stick on easily next time and every time you use them. Any dirt will stop the glue from working. Plus, you still want them to look as good as the first time you wore them!

You can clean them by sanitizing the false eyelash strip with rubbing alcohol on a cotton pad.


Storing False Eyelashes in Between Uses

Storing false lashes with care will help to preserve them so that they last as long as possible. To do this, you will need half-moon trays.

False lashes usually come in half moon trays when you buy them. Placing them back in there will help keep them in shape. 


Pro Tip: If your strip lashes don’t keep their shape well after their debut, a good tip to remember is simple, cut them up! They will easily transform into minis or individuals if you trim them up carefully. Recycle, I say!


You can even use your eyelash curler to give these re-purposed individuals a little pep if they lose their natural curl over time.

Just make sure the lashes are clean and dry before placing them back in the trays – and the trays, too!

I hope you’ve learned something new, and that this helps you in your quest of how to get eyelash glue off your skin.

As I’ve mentioned, most important of all, look after your eyes!!


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