I love a good lippie, I really do. Trouble is, whenever I decide to be as frivolous as wear one myself, the chances are incredibly high that it will end up everywhere else on my face EXCEPT my lips.

Yep, I’m the 1% that just shouldn’t wear lipstick. And the lipstick on the teeth? Well, I have that look down! (Read on for the accompanying visual).

Perhaps one day that’ll be the latest trend with the kids and I will just have been waaaayy ahead of my time!

Til the cows actually DO come home, and pigs are charging more than the current going price for first class, we are left with the age-old problem of how to remove lipstick stains from our lips (let alone everywhere else!)

So I have kindly put this guide together for you.

And together with a few of my favorite hacks, tips, and products, I will help you remove that stubborn lipstick stain, all while being gentle to your lips.

No sandpapering required here.


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What You’ll Need


My faves are:

Something to Remove it With

Lipstick Stained Face – Check!



red lipstick on womans teeth
Oh, yes, this could be me. Photo by Fredrik Ivansson


Sometimes the Most Simple Method Is the Best For You

The Tried and True Vaseline Trick

  1. Remove all the lipstick you can by popping your favorite make-up remover onto a cotton ball or cotton pad (see my faves above, but whatever takes your fancy)
  2. Remember to be gentle! We’re not attempting to sandblast your lips into oblivion here, just gently removing as much lipstick product as we can.
  3. Once you have done that and are left with a pink or red stain on your lips, it’s time to apply a bit of vaseline or petroleum jelly. Be generous, and let it sit for 5 minutes.
  4. Apply with a cotton swab or an exfoliating lip brush to give a gentle exfoliation at the same time. Just keep the motions gentle, though.
  5. Beauty hack – why not pair this with a quick eye mask as a very grand excuse for a quick mask session while you’re at it?
  6. Use your favorite washcloth or reusable cotton pad and some warm water and buff away in a circular motion what’s left.
  7. If your household supply of vaseline is out, try alternatives such as olive oil, coconut oil, or some good old-fashioned cold cream, and be sure to let it sit for a while.


Pro Tip – I like to fill one of these pens with my fave remover and just brush it on to gently start the stain removal process.


Is Your Stubborn Lipstick Still Not Removing?

Okay, so you’ve tried everything and you’re still looking like you had way too good of a time eating your beets?

Well, there’s one last stop, and if you paid attention to my studies of what removes the KD 151 Tattoo Ink Pen, then this should be a no-brainer for you.

Yes, once again, I’m here to write home about the wonderful and totally altogether underrated Plasma Soap from Premier Products Inc. It’s basically a stain remover for makeup. This makes it the perfect candidate to help remove lipstick stains from your lips.


  1. I suggest applying a small amount of Plasma soap onto a cotton pad, then popping it onto your bottom lip, in the center of your lips.
  2. Gently rub the product onto your lips, and avoid actually getting the soap into your mouth! I do this by making my lips the shape I make when I’m whistling. When your lips are pursed (is that what it’s called!) they also provide a bit of resistance against the cotton pad as well, and this can help you along in the stain removal, too.
  3. With your damp towel begin to wipe off the plasma soap, and the stain should come away, as well. Plasma soap may well be the quickest way to remove any tough lip stains, or pigment stains in general.


KJ’s Way – add some brown sugar to the Plasma soap for a gentle exfoliation treatment. Massage the mixture into your lips with your finger whilst removing your stubborn lip stain at the same time! This is the perfect, gentle method to remove the dead skin cells on your lips. I just tinkered with this method whilst researching for this blog post! LOVE IT!


In a past life, I may have recommended makeup wipes as the quick fix solution. But I truly do try to avoid them nowadays, for fear of producing more waste than is humanly possible. Especially when it’s got that hot pink hue that comes with post-worn red lipstick.


It takes a minute to master using the soap for your lipstick removal. But I guarantee that it will gently and very efficiently remove all hints of red stain from your lipstick. In one swipe!


Things To Remember About the Challenges of Lipstick Stained Lips

  • These days a great majority of lip products are designed to be long-wear lipstick; long-lasting, liquid lipstick, smudge-free, transfer-resistant, and bleed-resistant. All these terms basically equate to NOT COMING OFF!
  • So if you’re going to wear or use a highly-pigmented red lipstick, or particularly a matte lipstick (these tend to have less oil or emollient within, and are therefore harder to remove) the hard honest fact is, they are not going to be easy to remove.
  • Lipstick will not remove with water alone!
  • As I’ve mentioned already – be gentle on your lips! At the end of the day, nobody wants the cheese-grater look. If you’re out of cotton balls, don’t go for the paper towel, use a face cloth or something softer. Take it slow, be patient and just know that eventually, your lips will return to their natural tone again soon.
  • If you do get over-zealous in a frenzy of lipstick stain removing, you may end up with incredibly dry skin on your lips. So be sure to pop on your best lip balm as soon as you can to treat your lips afterward.
  • Try a Lip Primer. You may find that using a lip primer may be just the ticket to not only help your lipstick stay on all day but help it remove with way less drama.

How to Look After Your Lips

  • Keep your lips hydrated in between lipstick applications. You can do this with regular use of your favorite lip balm. This will help prevent cracked or chapped lips and not only help your lipstick look fab, but help it remove way more easily, too.
  • Drink water. You can start your lip hydration journey from within, my friend! This will help keep your lips from drying out and in doing so, help hold lipstick much more easily. And in turn, help it remove like a breeze.
  • Don’t smoke. Yul Brynner said it best (and sadly, in saying so, I’ve shown you just how many decades I’ve been stomping about on the planet) and for those all born many years after me, just trust me!

How have you fared with your stained lips? Comment below to share your best (or worst) lipstick story. I’m sure it’ll help me feel better about my own complete incoherence in wearing it well! Hey, at least I can put lippy on anyone else with the best of them.

And how could I not end this post with anything but a kiss emoji?



Featured Image by Azamat Zhanisov

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