False eyelashes have become very popular over the past few years for lengthening and adding volume to your lashes and enhancing your natural eye shape. There is no denying this trend completes a beautiful look. What’s more, there is a massive choice of false lashes available.

So we can all have options to create a look to suit the mood or style, whether natural or dramatic. But, whichever way you choose to use them, there is one small problem: removing them! So how many times can you reuse your false eyelashes then?

We all love glamming up with some falsies now and again. For some of us, it’s part of our daily beauty ritual.

At the end of the night out, it is tempting to tear your falsies off and leave them lying around. Worse still, toss ’em entirely. But, this will ruin them and prevent all chances for you to be able to re-use them.

Did you know you can reuse your falsies?

Yes, with a little more care and effort, your fake lashes will last a few more uses! Read on to find out just how many times you can re-use them. Because who doesn’t want to get the most out of your falsies?


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Factors That Affect the Lifespan of Your False Eyelashes 

There are many things that can affect the lifespan of your false eyelashes.

Bear in mind we are dealing with strip eyelashes here. Not so much individual false lashes (although I do love these a LOT!). You can try (and I wish you all the best), but we are primarily talking about re-using strip false eyelashes only.

Okay, let’s take a look at several of these factors in a little more depth.

The Material You False Eyelashes Are Made From

There are a lot of different types of false eyelashes out there. They come in two forms: natural and synthetic. These materials can include mink and many natural animal hairs, human hair, and horsehair. Synthetic can include faux mink, synthetic hairs, and artificial materials.

Synthetic lashes

These will last a shorter amount of time. With proper care between uses, you might only get four or five good uses out of them. On the other hand, natural lashes can last a lot longer. Sometimes up to 20 times or more.

Natural hair lashes

These are as realistic as they get in the world of false lashes because they replicate the natural eyelash. They are lighter, finer, and give a more natural finish. Mink, human, and horsehair are all-natural materials that will last so that you can use them again and again. They’ll also generally stay in better shape – so your lashes always look flawless!

Synthetic lashes range from cheap rubber types to silk and faux mink lashes. Plastic lashes can be heavy and of poorer quality. Silk and faux mink are synthetic and give a softer, natural, glossy look. If cleaned and stored properly, you can get several uses from them. However, this depends on the quality of the product you purchase.

I don’t know how I feel about using mink on my eyes (or anyone else’s, for that matter) anymore. The best synthetic lashes are so impressive nowadays that I feel there is definitely a reason to steer away from using animal hairs for our beauty enhancement. And obviously, quality counts. I truly feel you can discover some great quality synthetic lashes without sacrificing some little fluffy four-legged friends with a little research. More on that now!

Price and Quality Do Affect How Many Times You Can Reuse Your False Eyelashes

The cost of false eyelashes depends on the quality and material.
Natural lashes last longer, so they are worth the investment. Mink is the most expensive. Human and horse hair lashes are cheaper, but proper aftercare will make them last longer.

Synthetic lashes are more affordable, and as a result, they last a lot less time. You can get better and worse versions of synthetic lashes, so I recommend researching and reading reviews before making the final investment.

The Brand

The top-selling brands Ardell (these are my faves), MAC Cosmetics (these are great, too!), and Sephora (look at these) offer a vast selection of false eyelashes. MAC DIY Lash Sets start from around the $20 mark! Always choose a good, high-quality brand, as you’ll find these brands provide long-lasting false eyelashes.


Callas Eyelash Adhesive

Types of Glue

There are several different types of glue to stick on your false eyelashes. Strong adhesives that dry fast often contain ingredients requiring a particular solvent or a special false lash remover to re-use your lashes.
As a result, these may damage the fibers in the lashes, making them look a lot less dramatic in your second use.

Ideally, it’s always best to look for high-quality glue to apply your lashes to prevent them from getting damaged and becoming unusable. Again, please do your research to find the most recommended eyelash glue so you can use them again.

If you prefer a latex-based glue, there can only be one brand to use, and for me, that’s Duo Strip Eyelash Adhesive. Just wanted to mention it here. It’s like the Lash Glue of Champions for me!

You and Your Care

It is vital to take care of false lashes if you want to use them again. Ensuring falsies are clean, sanitized, and stored in a dry place will enable you to re-use them multiple times. If you’re not keeping them clean, you’ll quickly see a difference in how your falsies look and feel. And trust us, it won’t be good!


How to Increase the Longevity of Your Lashes

One of the first things to know is, re-using your false eyelashes is going to save you money. Plus, you are reusing and recycling – which is always a good thing. Who doesn’t want to leave a greener footprint?

Hence two good reasons to make that extra effort when removing them! Provided you incorporate a few changes, you can make false eyelashes last for a lot longer.


set of beaded eyelashes
Here is a set of false eyelashes that I hand beaded many years ago for a makeup I did recreating the famous Man Ray image. I can’t bring myself to throw them out, but know I’ll probably never use them again!


Apply Mascara to Your Own Real Lashes, Not Your False Lashes

Many people make the mistake of layering mascara onto their false lashes. Avoid this at all costs!

To apply false eyelashes, first, it is best to apply a thin coat of mascara to your own lashes. (Be sure to curl them with your favorite eyelash curler before applying your mascara!) Then allow the mascara to dry. This makes the false lashes fasten to your natural lashes. If mascara gets onto your false lashes, it is hard to remove, and you’ll need to rub hard to get rid of the residue. As a result, the falsies will go clumpy and will be unusable.

Handle with Care – Use Tweezers and Not Your Fingers

Applying fake eyelashes can be tricky and needs a lot of practice. Tweezers are the best tool to use for removing your lashes, as they’re more hygienic than your fingers and more precise at peeling away the lash. In other words, you won’t have to worry about accidentally damaging them.

False Eyelash Storage 

To re-use false lashes, make sure you store them properly.

Always place clean and dry falsies back in their half-moon trays – the trays you bought them in. Alternatively, try keeping them in a box with small compartments to preserve them from dirt, dust, and moisture, all of which can shorten their lifeline. Store the box in a cool, dry, and dark place – not the bathroom or direct sunlight!

Application and Removal of False Eyelashes 

If you have splashed out the cash on top-quality false lashes, you will want to use them again. The way to do this? Adopt the best application and removal methods.

Always apply your lashes using high-quality adhesive and tweezers to provide precise placement. If you need help, ask a friend. It’s better to ask for help than to risk wrecking your precious lashes and being unable to use them again.

It is also essential to remove your false lashes with care so you can re-use them several times. To do this:

  • Use a cotton pad with an eye makeup remover (micellar water or an oil-free makeup remover maybe your best option for reusing lashes – oil-based remover tends to prevent the lashes from ever gluing down well again!)
  • Place the soaked cotton pad over the closed eye
  • Hold and repeat until the false lash loosens. This will help to remove any excess glue as well.
  • Lift away the lash band with a pair of tweezers, or get under the lash band with a cotton swab. Be sure to do this gently. No ripping!
  • Use warm water on a cotton ball to wipe away any excess glue and remover along the top of your lashes
  • If you still have remaining glue, use this cult status eye makeup remover to solve all of your problems!

How to Care For Your False Eyelashes In Between Uses

To help prolong the life of your strip lashes, care between uses is essential. Cleaning and sanitizing will remove glue and old makeup, making them easier to apply the next time. It won’t just make your lashes last longer. It will also remove the risk of infection – something that happens if you don’t clean your falsies properly.

But it doesn’t end there. It is important to store them properly if you want to reuse your false eyelashes as much as possible. These processes need doing after every use.

As I mentioned, one of the best storage options for your false lashes is the half-moon trays you purchased them in.
Yes, after the cleaning procedure, it is best to put them back in the clean tray. Place the lash against the half-moon shape and cover. This will keep them in shape, clean, and dust-free for as long as possible. 


Pro Tip – if you have a hard time getting the lash to hug the half-moon form and keep its natural curved shape, dot a little amount of latex-based lash adhesive on the half-moon form at the top edge where the lash band will sit. Please wait for it to dry a little, and then gently place the lash against it.
If you do this at the ends, it will be enough glue to hold the lashes on the form, and yet very minimal so you can pop the dried glue dot off before you reapply your flashes lashes.


False lashes are delicate, and it is essential to look after them if you want to use them repeatedly. Using proper storage will also protect them against dirt and moisture and stop bacteria from forming. An eye infection or a pink eye look is never a good look!
It is not always possible to re-use the packaging of false lashes. So, look out for supportive packaging, so lashes don’t get squashed or damaged when stored. You will need one with support and small compartments to prevent them from getting dusty or exposed to sunlight. This will also keep them organized and separate.

Hot, damp, and bright conditions are a no-go!

If exposed to moisture, bacteria can get into the lashes. This will lead to eye irritation and infections. So avoid damp bathrooms. Hot, moist, and sunny surroundings will cause the lashes to change shape. Keep in the appropriate storage, whether that’s a makeup box, drawer, or your half-moon trays.


 A little knowledge is good to have before you use false eyelashes. The most important point is cleanliness. 

Keeping your false lashes clean is vital to stop the spread of bacteria and germs getting into your eyes and on the skin. It is also crucial if you use your lashes more than once. Simply put, you can’t re-use dirty, false eyelashes. So keep them squeaky clean!

So, the Takeaway – How Many Times Can You Reuse False Eyelashes?

As you can see, many factors affect the longevity of your false eyelashes. From the material to the brand, price to the storage methods, numerous things can boost the lifeline of your falsies.

At the end of the day, the answer is, it’s up to you.

If you look after your false eyelashes and keep them clean and in shape. And most importantly, sterilized, they may have a usage in the double-figure realm.

And, as a general rule, if you’re looking to get the biggest bang for your buck, try investing in high-quality natural false lashes from a well-known brand.

Ensure you keep them clean, store them in a dry, dark place, and apply them correctly to keep them lasting as long as possible.

If you follow all of my top tips, the good news is your lashes should give you plenty of life and provide you with glam, flirty lashes for many uses to come!


L’Oreal Paris

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  1. Always store your eyelashes in a safe place. It is recommended that you keep the original packaging to protect your false lashes against dust, flies and other forms of bacteria. When you leave your lashes on your vanity or bathroom counter they can become damaged and therefore un-wearable. Even if believe that “what you don’t see can’t hurt you”, don’t try it with something as sensitive as your eyes. Quality eyelashes will come on a curve shaped box for easy storage, which you can reuse over and over again.

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