Halloween is a time of year when you’re truly allowed to let loose creatively.

The opportunities for self-expression and creative flair are endless. And honestly, your costume ideas can only be limited by your own imagination (can I sound any more cliched at this point?), but it’s true!

The best part is your ideas can range from anything from folklore characters to spooky witches, ghoulish zombies, innocent and not-so-innocent fairies, and iconic pop culture characters. The options for your costumes are endless.
Now, while costumes play a vital role in achieving your chosen desired look, the makeup you choose to go with it, is equally essential.

It can add depth and detail, and in some cases, really make the character and a touch of magic to your Halloween ensemble.

Inside this blog post, we’ll delve into the world of Halloween makeup and I’ll show you why cream makeup is the perfect choice for your spooky, whimsical, and enchanting transformations.


The Appeal of Halloween Makeup

Halloween is fun!

It’s a time when ordinary folks become extraordinary creatures, and makeup is the key to unlocking these fantastical personas.
It’s also one of the only times that wearing a mask is actually not only fun, but something done purely for choice (as opposed to the last few years).
But if a mask feels like too much hard work and high-maintenance on the night (eating and drinking can become something of a chore!) then I highly recommend going with a simple face paint makeup, or a character makeup can be super fun, too.
Wearing makeup for me, is the best way you can transform your look, while still feeling like “you” on the inside.

Trust me – I have done both, and I prefer, by a long shot, to wear a simple makeup over a face mask.

The right makeup can make the difference between a good costume and a jaw-dropping one. It’s the finishing touch that brings your character to life.


The Versatility of Cream Makeup

When you’re putting together your look for Halloween, it’s so easy to get completely overwhelmed by the sheer amount of product that’s available for you for the season.
You’ll encounter various types, including creams, liquids, and powders. And it can range from hobby makeup and retail products through to high-end professional makeup.

If this is your first time using makeup for your Halloween look, there’s no need to stress, because these easy Halloween makeup tips will make it feel like a simple, and straight forward process that will allow you to have a lot of fun and create a cool look as well.

And I’m here to tell you that you really don’t need to invest a fortune or get an entire professional kit to create cool Halloween makeup looks.

While each product type has its merits, cream makeup (or grease paint, as it is also known) stands out not only for its versatility. But it is easy to use, easy to apply and remove (which is almost as important as putting it on! Trust me!)

Cream makeup comes in a variety of shades and is highly pigmented, making it ideal for creating vivid, bold looks. Whether you’re aiming for a ghostly pallor, vibrant fantasy colors, or realistic wounds, cream makeup can do it all.


Let’s take a look at why you should consider using cream makeup for your Halloween looks this year.


Benefits of Cream Makeup

Cream makeup offers you several advantages that make it a standout choice for Halloween:

1. Smooth Application

Using a cream-based makeup gives you a product that glides on smoothly and evenly over your entire face. It’s very user-friendly and easy to work with, plus it allows for blendability between shades to create very cool and effective looks.

2. Realistic Effects

The creamy texture allows you to create really precise detailing. This means you can achieve cool-looking scars, bruises, and special effects that are only limited by what you can come up with. And you can always thin down the texture, or dip your brush into some 99% alcohol or at a pinch, rubbing alcohol to get that fine line even finer.

3. Longevity

Cream makeup can last longer than other types of makeup products and by using the correct setting techniques (which we’ll go into later in this post), this will help reduce the need for constant touch-ups throughout your night.
This is partly because it is a water resistant material. And a big drawcard for using cream is that despite being able to last so well, it is also relatively easy to remove. Amazing, right?

4. Smudge Resistant

While this may not seem as though it’s the case. Again, by setting your cream makeup well, and finishing it properly, you can ensure it stays put. And this means it is less prone to smudging all night. This ensures that your makeup and all over look stays picture-perfect even during your wildest Halloween party.


Woman With Orange Pumpkin


My Top Recommendations for Cream Makeup to Use on Halloween

makeup forever 12 flash color case

There is so much to love about this Makeup Forever palette. It’s compact, so doesn’t take up a load of space, yet offers you 12 single colors – primary colors, black, white, silver and gold and some great flesh tone mix potential.
You can basically do anything with the 12 Flash Color Case.

ben nye zombie wheel

When I think of Ben Nye, I immediately think of the wheel cream products the brand has available.
And the reason I picked the Zombie wheel to recommend, is you basically have the main shades from the Bruise Wheel, as well as a payne’s gray shade for creating your zombie looks.
You could do so much with this one pocket-sized palette and they’re a lot fun to work with as well.
Check out the Monster wheel or Vampire Wheel for some more ideas as well.

ben nye studio carnival palette

Another incredibly versatile and high-quality, high-pigment cream makeup from classic theatrical makeup brand that I love, Ben Nye.
This palette give you more options than the Zombie wheel, or any of his Wheel palettes, as well as the silver and gold options and som lovely bright colors for some added flair and fantasy looks.

kryolan supracolor palette

Kryolan is another brand synonymous with incredibly high-quality, well-pigmented and easy to use fantasy makeup.

I keep my kit well-stocked with Kryolan supracolor and aquacolor makeup to this day. And this palette gives you every option under the sun when it comes to a Halloween makeup look, with 24 different shades. Your options are endless here.

ben nye fireworks fantasy wheel

I wanted to share a bit of shimmer for you to think about as well, so couldn’t go past this oh-so-pretty Fireworks Fantasy Wheel from Ben Nye.
Always user-friendly cream makeup with gorgeous pigments, if you’re going for a more dainty or pretty Halloween makeup idea this Halloween, you can’t go wrong with these Ben Nye creme colors.


Some of the Best Halloween Makeup Ideas (That You Can Create with Cream Makeup)

Cream makeup can help you achieve a wide range of iconic Halloween looks. Here are some ideas:


Create decaying flesh and haunting wounds with the realistic texture of cream makeup. These days there are more than enough of your favorite zombie shows to reference 😉 I recommend seasons 2 – 8 of the original The Walking Dead for some epic special effects makeup and iconic zombie looks. (not biased at all 😉


Achieve that flawless, pale and translucent complexion with some simple white face paint and a black eyeliner pencil to define your eye area. And complete the look with a classic blood red lip and a bit, or some fake blood drizzles as well.
If you want to take your vampire look (or zombie or any movie monster look, actually) to the next level. Go back and watch your favorite horror film, and pay homage to some great classic horror movie monsters – it fun to do so, and easy to get reference pics to use to copy directly.

Fantasy Creatures

Transform into your favorite mythical being, and get creative with some vibrant colors and some really intricate designs as well.
Depending on your design and choice of creature, you can completely change your skin tone with an entirely different base cream color, let’s say green for a dragon, and then get creative with your costume as well.

Pop Culture Icons

You can get as clever as your wits allow with a pop culture icon. Pay homage to your favorite character, or get controversial with someone who’s in the press for all the wrong reasons, too. You can even get creative with your makeup looks by going for super realistic makeup looks here too.

No matter what character you decide on, cream makeup can enhance your costume makeup and elevate your own Halloween experience (as well as your friends and fellow party guests).


Tips for Using Cream Makeup

To make the most of cream makeup, follow these tips:

Start with a clean canvas

The first thing is to start with a clean face. Make sure that your face is clean with an astringent before applying makeup.

Use quality brushes and sponges

Invest in good brushes and tools for a more professional finish. You may want to use a makeup sponge to apply your base color, and then brushes for the fine lines and details. They’ll also make blending a breeze!

Layer and blend

Build up your makeup in layers, blending as you go for depth and realism. And you can do this by starting with the darkest shade, or the outline of the shapes that create your makeup look.

Set with powder

To increase longevity, set your cream makeup with a translucent setting powder. And really press it in with a powder puff. You can also reinforce this powder (and remove excess in the meantime) by using a good makeup sealer or setting spray after the powder as well.

Safety and Skin-Friendly Aspects

While embracing your Halloween alter ego, it’s essential to prioritize your skin’s safety as well. Many cream makeup brands are hypoallergenic and may also offer non-comedogenic options which will help to minimize your risk of skin irritations or breakouts.
So it’s important to always read your product labels and do a patch test on your inner arm f you have sensitive skin.


Removing Cream Makeup

As much as you may love putting on your Halloween makeup, proper removal is just as crucial (and nowhere near as fun!).
Invest in a good makeup remover to ensure you don’t harm your skin in the process. Once you have removed the majority of your cream makeup with a good remover, or a cleansing oil, gently cleanse your face, taking extra care to remove all traces of makeup before bedtime. A gentle micellar water is another good option for a final sweep when you’re nearly there.


Affordable Alternatives

If you’re on a budget, don’t worry; there are affordable cream makeup options available.

In fact, some of my recommendations are incredibly well-priced, which is rare for such high-quality, some of the time. Not all of the time, thankfully!

To Conclude

Cream makeup is a no-brainer (especially for zombies!!!!) choice to make for using to create easy Halloween makeup looks. It’s versatile, user-friendly, and skin-friendly choice for Halloween enthusiasts. Whether you’re going for a terrifying transformation or a whimsical fantasy, cream makeup can help you achieve your desired look with ease. So, this Halloween, unleash your inner artist, experiment with cream makeup, and let your imagination run wild. Your costume will thank you, and your fellow Halloween revelers will be in awe of your stunning transformation. Get ready to make this Halloween season one for the books, all thanks to the magic of cream makeup

Featured Image by T Leish

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