What is the real allure of long-lasting makeup? Is it actually that beneficial, or is it just a numbers game in the beauty industry? Let’s dip into the world of 24, 30, even 50-hour foundations, and discuss what’s behind these marathon claims. If you’ve ever wondered just how long is too long for makeup to stay on your face, stick with me (like your long-lasting foundation) as we explore the realities behind these enduring promises.

how long is too long for long-lasting makeup to last?

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In This Episode We Cover:

  • Questioning the conflicting beauty messages long-lasting products and brands send.
  • Exploring the nuances of long-lasting makeup can provoke curiousity about the balance between durability and skin health.
  • The long-lasting effect – how long is too long?


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Episode 65: Show notes

Navigating the intricate complexities of the makeup industry for over a quarter of a century now (ugh – how can those numbers be so?) I have mastered the art of creating captivating visual transformations on set.

Yet, recently, a growing trend has sparked both my curiosity and concern.

It appears that the makeup world has become fixated on longevity, with products proudly boasting up to 50 hours of wear.

As we take a quick look at this evolution from the backstage perspective, I want to delve into this intriguing yet somewhat alarming trend.

How Long is Longlasting Enough?

The allure of makeup that promises extended durability is undeniably appealing.

For professionals like us, working on film and TV sets, a foundation that lasts from early call times into the night means less need for retouches and ensures continuity, which is crucial.

However, as the hours tick by, I often think about what this really means for the skin beneath all that product.

Having been in the trenches of makeup artistry, I can tell you that while durability is vital, the health of the underlying skin is paramount. The long-standing rule of removing makeup before bed—ensuring skin can breathe and recover overnight—now seems at odds with products designed to cling on for days. This juxtaposition between enduring coverage and essential skin care rituals paints a confusing picture. Are we aiding convenience, or are we inadvertently neglecting basic skin health?

This trend mirrors a broader societal infatuation with more: more hours, more coverage, and seemingly, more value. But at what point does this pursuit become excessive? This relentless push towards products that last unnaturally long raises questions about our collective yearning for perfection and dependability — are these desires truly beneficial, or reflective of deeper societal pressures?

Although I admire the technological strides made to extend product wear, balancing effective long-lasting makeup with the crucial needs of the skin must be a priority, especially in advising my clients. Those over 40 particularly face changes that require a gentle yet effective approach to makeup — a seamless blend of durability and skin care.

To address these nuances, I’ve created ‘Five Easy Makeup Tips,’ a guide tailored for individuals seeking to rejuvenate their makeup routines without compromising skin health. This resource offers straightforward strategies that merge the artistic finesse of makeup with the scientific care of skincare.

In the midst of this long-lasting makeup craze, it’s essential we do not overlook the fundamentals — skin health and the meticulous craft of makeup application. Let’s not allow the impressive numbers on packaging to dazzle us into forgetting that moderation and mindful choices can lead to both beautiful and healthy skin.

Thus, as we continue to explore and embrace the innovations within our field, may we also remember to advocate for a balanced approach where beauty does not just stay longer, but smarter and healthier. Here’s to finding harmony between longevity in makeup and nurturing the natural canvas upon which we work. Cheers to redefining beauty with both care and endurance at the forefront.

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Episode Transcript

[00:00:02]: The other day, I happened across a visual for a makeup product that claims to last 50 hours on your face. 50 hours. That’s over two days!

And that prompted me to do a little bit of digging, a bit of research, as you know, I love to do. And I found some other products with these really long lasting claims. Estee Lauder Double Wear, which claims to stay on for 24 hours. Maybelline Super Stay Foundation, 30 hours. Guilty.

[00:00:37]: I bought myself a bottle of this in a recent drugstore makeup experiment. I don’t think I even really paid attention to the number 30 smattered all over the label. But yeah, there it is. Age 20. Nice name, perfect fit foundation, which claims to last for 48 hours, and which I discovered on Amazon and might I add, featured some heavily digitally enhanced aftershots, which all that says to me is that they’re lying.
And while this may be a topic for a podcast episode, all on its own, it’s setting sprays that claim to keep makeup on for 48 hours as well. Do you ever think, why does makeup need to last so long if we have it drummed into us that we have to remove it at the end of each day before we go to bed? And it begged me to ask the question, just how long is too long with our long lasting obsession? And when will it end? Where does it come from?

[00:02:20]: We have become long-lasting obsessed.

And the one-upmanship seems like it’s going nowhere except further, at least in terms of staying power. Right? But let’s take a look at long lasting makeup. What is it all about? And ask the question, how long is too long? When it comes to long lasting makeup, the interesting thing is that when I started to conduct research on this topic, I found it incredibly difficult to even find any related material. Most of the material I could locate on long lasting makeup fell under the longest lasting makeup products. How to get your makeup to stay all day the holy grail of setting sprays. How does your makeup look so fresh after x amount of hours? This makeup lasts 48 hours. Type articles.

Kerrin [00:03:13]:
Interesting, right? And sure, long lasting makeup is great. For me. It means that I don’t even have to think about touching up my face once all day at work and my on set friends. You know that that could mean 18 hours. And how rough is it when you go to the bathroom on hour twelve or 14 and accidentally catch a glimpse of yourself in the classy, aromatic portola, only to have those thoughts, why are my coworkers and actors staring at my nose all day? And then you realize that you look something more like Rudolph than your usual put together self. I get the appeal of the long lasting mantra, hey, it’s convenient. And it follows that 1950s campaign slogan feel of just set it and forget it, the notion of which, quite frankly, has gone nowhere in the decades that have passed since sins. But what’s truly confusing is, and do you agree that on one hand we are being told that long lasting is king, but on the other hand, we’re also being told to remove your makeup before bed, as if it carries the weight of that glass of milk before bed or cleaning your teeth before bed, which, in my humble opinion, are both viable and wonderful habits to get into.

Kerrin [00:04:34]:
So, yeah, the beauty advertising world has some answering to do for me, and I’m sure many other confused folks going about their ways in the world, too. Human nature has an innate drive to always strive for more. More money, more gigabytes, more memory, more followers, more likes and shares. And reading an article within India’s Psychologs Health magazine which quotes architect Caesar, the desire to reach for the sky runs deep in the human psyche. We always want more. And this translates numerically and within the marketing world perfectly. It comes down to simple numbers, doesn’t it? The bigger the number, the better it must be. That’s my theory anyway.

Kerrin [00:05:20]:
But as for leaving my foundation on for 50 hours, well, I don’t think that’s ever going to happen now. Maybe when I was 20, or I might have even been open to experimenting with that, but not now. And especially because the thought of my pillow slip under the circumstances. And let’s not deny the state of my skin and your skin, it’s just kind of gross altogether and entirely unappealing. But that big number on that bottle and its neighbour on the shelf in CV’s only has a 24 or even a twelve on it, but this one says 50, so it must be better, right? Sometimes I think not. Do you struggle with your own makeup? Have you reached that point in your forties where your beloved foundation that has been there for you for years, decades now, that you held every ounce of trust in to help you look your best, just doesn’t work anymore? Perhaps it slides around your face now. Or if you’re like me and have been dealt with fantastic adult onset acne for the first time and your makeup just doesn’t cover it well anymore, it’s okay to ask for help. Maybe you’ve finally realized that it might be the right time to start using makeup brushes instead of your fingers.

Kerrin [00:06:44]:
Well, I’ve got the perfect free guide for you. Inside my five easy makeup tips guide, you’ll find exactly that, five simple tips that you can put into practice straight away. Now, this is particularly going to speak to you if you’re over 40. So if that’s you, you are in the right place, and you can get it right here for free at themakeuprefinery.com/5-simple-things and that’s the number five simple things.
This guide is perfect to reset and get started with the right information for where you are right now. Sound good? Grab your copy at themakeuprefinery.com. The number five simple things now and take the first easy steps to start feeling good about yourself again.

Kerrin [00:07:36]:
Okay, that’s it for now. I will. We’ll see you next time. Bye.

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