There’s nothing like the release of a highly-anticipated eyeshadow from one of our favorite makeup goddesses, Danessa Myricks. So it seemed like and easy decision to onvest in one of my very own, to have a play and give you my thoughts and feelings about this new, dual-textured mutli-tasking makeup palette. Here’s Part 2 of my two part podcast episodes all about it.

Danessa myricks groundwork palette review pt. 2

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In This Episode We Cover:

  • The one place I probably wont be wearing makeup from this palette
  • What makes this product so easy to apply
  • The ingredient responsible for the finest powder pigment in eyeshadow


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Episode 13: Show notes

This is my first product review episode of 5 Minute Face Talk so I’m more than a little excited to get started and share with you my initial thoughts from having used the palette.

I’m a big fan of Danessa, both as a makeup artist, an entrepreneur and just generally as an all-round, top human being, so it was an easy choice to invest in her brand new palette and have a play with these super-cool eyeshadow and pomade formulations.

I hope you enjoy the second part of this 2-part episode!

Danessa Myricks Groundwork Palette Review Pt. 2

In this episode, we dive into part two of the Danessa Myricks Groundwork Palette review. Join me as we uncover the palette’s versatility and discuss its strengths and weaknesses.

Exploring Versatility

The Danessa Myricks Groundwork Palette has gained almost instant viral recognition for its multitasking abilities.
As a makeup artist, I am thrilled to discover the potential this palette holds with its wide range of shades.

However, I must admit that there is one aspect I struggle to embrace fully – and that is, using it on the lips.

While the palette offers Core, a warm burnt sienna shade perfect for using on the lips, my personal chemistry tends to cause oxidation, resulting in an orange-brown hue. That being said, the 90s brown lip trend seems to be making a comeback, so it might suit certain looks and complexions.

Impressive Eyeshadows

Despite my reservations about Groundworks as a lip product, I must emphasize how much I adore the pomade and the eyeshadow shades included in the palette.
The eyeshadows have a soft and finely pigmented texture that effortlessly glides onto the skin.

Even when applied without any foundation, the eyeshadows provide a uniform and smooth finish, which is not always the case with other products. It’s clear that Danessa Myricks has put a lot of thought into this formulation and created something truly exceptional. (I believe this palette was 2 years in the making!)

Upsalite: The Next Big Thing?

One key element of this palette and other Danessa Myricks products is the use of Upsalite.

Upsalite is an immensely porous powdered form of magnesium carbonate that draws moisture into the skin. It boasts a larger surface area and is twice as absorbent as talc. With its unique properties, Upsalite has the potential to revolutionize the makeup industry.
While I’m unsure if Danessa has sole ownership of this ingredient, it’s fascinating to see how it will develop in future makeup formulations.

Is the Groundwork Palette Worth It?

If you haven’t tried the Danessa Myricks Groundwork Palette yet, I highly recommend giving it a go. Considering the versatility and quality of the product, the palette offers great value for the price.

Whether you’re a beauty, bridal, or fashion makeup artist, this multitasking palette can easily become your new best friend. While it may have its limitations when it comes to lip application, its performance on other areas of the face is exceptional.

My Rating System Challenge!!!

If you’ve listened to the episode, I unintentionally created a rating system during the episode.

I am the first to admit that it needs vast improvement for me to put it into practice on regular basis.

I invite you, my listener, to suggest your own makeup-themed rating system via a DM on Instagram (@themakeuprefinery).
I’m sure your ideas will be more witty and creative than my own attempts.

Let’s collaborate and redefine how we rate our beloved makeup products! Please???!!!

To Summarize

The Danessa Myricks Groundwork Palette is an outstanding addition to any makeup collection – professional or in the home.
Its versatility and high-quality eyeshadows make it a valuable tool for both professionals and enthusiasts alike.
While the lip application may not work for everyone, the palette’s other features far outweigh this minor setback (which may just not work for me personally).
Join me next time on 5 Minute Face Talk for more exciting beauty discoveries.


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Episode Transcript

Welcome back to Five Minute Face Talk.


Okay, let’s get straight into it. This is part two of my Danessa Myricks Groundwork Palette review. I did spend part one raving about the palette and singing its praises, so let’s find out if it’s all such a dream. So let’s get into it with part two of my Danessa Myricks Groundwork palette review.

Kerrin [00:01:01]:

I do feel like it’s got the potential for that much versatility.

However, the one thing that I can’t grasp with this palette, with the shades and how it’s definitely been marketed as a full-face multitasker is to use it on the lips, because we all love a good multitasker, don’t we?
But for me personally, my chemistry is that no matter what color I put on them, it’s going to oxidize. So I think I have a cool undertone by nature, possibly cool to neutral. So I know I like to wear cool-toned reds or berries or even cool toned pinks, I guess, on my lips, because they still warm up.
So if I was going to use this palette and I know that the main shade within the groundwork palette that you would use on your lips is called Core, and it’s a burnt sienna, burnt orange type of shade, and it’s probably the warmest shade within the palette.
Now, if I was going to put that shade on my lip, I’d give it an hour or so, and I just know it’s going to go orangey brown. I just know it. But I guess that’s back in again now, isn’t it? The whole 90s brown lip thing.

Kerrin [00:02:09]:

So well, there you go. But that’s pretty much my one gripe with this claiming to be a multitasking palette and to use it all over your face, that the chances are I probably won’t be using it on my lips, and possibly not anyone else’s lips either.
I mean, perhaps if their complexion called for it and if it suited the look we were going for. But other than that, I really do adore the pomade. And as far as the eyeshadows go, I’ve tried them on their own, on myself, and with foundation underneath as well.
So it’s been a very simple road test so far, and I must say that the eyeshadow even goes on like a dream with nothing on your skin. You know how a lot of eyeshadow products, you put them on, and if you have no makeup on underneath, they just grab. And it’s not a uniform application.

Kerrin [00:02:56]:

This just goes on so beautifully. The eyeshadows are so soft and finely pigmented. So all I have to say, Danessa, is thank you for reinvigorating the world of makeup right now and giving us something new. I’m loving this new formulation. I’ve got some learning to do, but bear with me. It’s made from a material called Upsalite, which is supposedly the finest grain powder in makeup these days. And when I saw Danessa live demonstrating earlier this year, she talked about it a few months ago. Now, I’ve done a bit of homework, and I’ve just learned that Upselite was discovered by Swedish scientists by accident, and it basically draws moisture in.

Kerrin [00:03:39]:

It’s an immensely porous powdered form of magnesium carbonate. It’s entirely nontoxic, and the surface area is highly pitted. So it’s got this really, really big surface area. In fact, it’s twice as absorbent as talc. So it’s quite interesting to hear how this will develop in makeup. I don’t know if Danessa has a monopoly on it as an ingredient. I’m not quite sure because of Danessa’s love of Upsalite, because I know that’s in her blurring yummy mummy blurring balm, which I can’t quite grasp and I can’t quite make it work on. My dry combination skin is entirely talc-free, and the pomades, for the most part, I believe they’re all silicon-based products as well.

Kerrin [00:04:24]:

So if you haven’t tried this palette yet, I do recommend give it a go for the amount that you get. This is a reasonably priced investment for your kit or at home. And if you specialize in beauty or bridal or fashion work, this might be your new best friend in the world of multitasking. That is Danessa’s Groundwork palette. I love it. Two thumbs up.

Kerrin [00:04:49]:

Oh no. Did I just create a rating system? I don’t know if I like that. And I have to say something like two mascara wands or something. I definitely need to work on that. I don’t know.
What about two spoolies? I mean, you know, I don’t love the word spoolies, but it just came to mind. Actually, no, this has to be nine and a half Spoolies. I know.
Why don’t you DM me on Instagram with a better rating system, and we’ll see if it sticks, please? I’m open to your suggestions.

Kerrin [00:05:16]:

DM me at the makeup refinery with your best makeup-themed rating system, one that makes sense and that I’m sure will be way wittier than my feeble attempts here. And let me see if I pick your suggestion. I’m sure you’ve got a better idea than me. Okay, that’s it. I hope you enjoyed my poor man’s review of Danessa Myrick’s groundwork palette. It’s lovely. I highly recommend it. Okay, I’ll see you next time.


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