What is a ceramide? I first took notice of that word – ceramides, not actually that long ago. Now it seems they are everywhere. But what are they all about?


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I’m hoping to delve deeper whilst keeping it simple. I hope we can understand exactly what Ceramides are and what they do. And why you need them in your bathroom cabinet!

So let’s start with some gentle kicking and screaming about one of my absolute must-haves. A staple for me at work on set and home is Sonia Roselli Water Elixir. Aside from being an incredibly versatile product, it’s packed full of ceramides.


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The elixir will do marvels as the final step in your skincare routine each morning. It would also serve quite nicely applied pre-makeup or last thing in the evening before bed. Or if like myself, you find you’re short on time this product could be the ONLY step! Yes, folks, this product can perform as something of an all-rounder and does so for me when I need it to.


Sounds Great! But what exactly is a Ceramide?

It’s described as a family of lipid molecules. To simplify further, it’s a group of waxy, fatty molecules!

And once we hit our 30’s the amount of naturally occurring ceramides in our skin begins to diminish. Combine that with damage from the sun, other environmental factors, or if you happen to experience the likes of eczema, rosacea, or psoriasis you’re more than likely to be lacking in ceramides within your skin.

These factors no doubt lead to the appearance of extreme dryness, irritation, and itchiness. When we replenish ourselves with ceramides, we are restoring the skin’s barrier and increasing moisture levels.

In our bodies, ceramides are found just under the skin’s surface. And because they are naturally occurring, products that contain them are great to use on different skin types. Lucky for us products of all types containing ceramides are easy to seek out.

I know I’ve already mentioned Sonia Roselli’s Water Elixir (and am most happy to do so again!) I have combination skin that fluctuates anywhere from oily to very dry; her elixir is all the more appealing; it’s so light on the skin, yet leaves it soft and smooth.

Here are some more recommendations: Pixi Rose Ceramide Cream (super-rich for dry skin)

Mario Badescu AHA +Ceramide Moisturiser (oily/combination skin)

Elizabeth Arden Advanced Ceramide Capsules (mature skin)

Ceramides. Don’t be afraid of them, they are your friend! Go out and seek them!

Featured image by Karoline Soares via Unsplash

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