Think white eyeshadow is too harsh? Think again. If you’re looking for a way to upgrade your daily makeup look, you should give white eyeshadow a shot. Believe it or not, there are many ways to use white eyeshadow for either a bold or low-key finish – whatever your taste, no matter your skin tones.

I recently needed a matte, white eyeshadow on set, on location, and quickly. And I had to do some serious searching to find my faves. It inspired me to put together this best-of list, and hopefully, it’ll help you as it did me.

As a professional makeup artist, I am a believer in the odd beauty rule. And if you haven’t heard me say it before, I truly believe that there are no rules!

When it comes to makeup, don’t let anything intimidate you. The goal is to feel your best and have fun!

If you’re interested in giving white shadow a go, keep reading for my pick of the 21 best white eyeshadows – across all types of products as well, from creams to multi-tasking liquid makeup and powders.
And all with good reason, so sit back, relax, and get ready to read about the creamy formula, the powder finish, and the impressive intensity of pigments that you can get.

All from a white eyeshadow product.

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Here are the 21 Best White Eyeshadow Makeup Products:

In some kind of particular order!

matte white cream eyeshadow in a tube

danessa myricks colorfix in lift snow white matte

Look to Danessa, the queen of the multi-tasking makeup, for this cream makeup that you can pretty much do anything with.
Blend out to a barely-there finish, or use as opaque, liquid eyeliner, this matte white Colorfix can do it all. Free of all the baddies, this is long-lasting, waterproof and a great investment if you’re a matte white eyeshadow devotee.

cream shimmer white eyeshadow single

makeup by Mario – master crystal reflector in quartz

A stunning shimmer shadow that is more than just a white eyeshadow. This multitasking highlight can be used over an opaque white cream or pencil for full drama, or alone for a soft, feminine wash of shimmer.
Whether you are looking for a subtle highlight along your brow bone, or a wash across your entire lid, this is a lovely luxe product that can create gorgeous finishes for you.

matte white eyeshadow crayon pencil

Sephora colorful shadow and liner pencil in let it snow matte white

When I mentioned having a perfect white primer to act as your base with some of these gorgeous soft shimmers, this is what I had in mind.
This matte, white cream pencil is the perfect long-lasting, waterproof base for all you shimmer, highlight and pearly finishing needs, from your friend, Sephora.

mac matte white eyeshadow single

MAC Eyeshadow in Gesso

This matte white shadow offers excellent coverage, long-lasting results, and no creasing. It can also be layered up for different makeup effects. Whether you need a base or want to wear it as a standalone color, this shadow is incredibly versatile. I absolutely love this makeup!

matte white eyeshadow shade

Wet’n’Wild Color Icon Matte Eyeshadow in Sugar

This soft matte eyeshadow delivers a highly pigmented color with just one swipe. It’s waterproof and long-lasting. Wet’n’Wild provides us with a cruelty-free, fragrance-free, and gluten-free shadow. Wear this sugar shadow on your entire lid or across your lash line for a bold liner look. It’s perfect for achieving a strong, matte finish.

cream eyeshadow crayon in off white

Julep Cream to Powder Eyeshadow Stick in pearl shimmer

Julep’s Cream to Powder Eyeshadow Stick in Pearl Shimmer is a shimmery off-white eyeshadow color stick that glides on smooth and does not crease. The great thing about pearl shadow is its versatility. Wear it day or night – you can easily dress it up or down, depending on your desired look.

Have I mentioned how much I love cream eyeshadows yet?

Made with vitamins C and D, this formula protects against free radicals and treats environmental damage. The formula also contains candelilla wax for seamless blendability. Use the built-in smudger to blend before the shadow sets.
If you’re looking for a white shade that falls within more neutral shades then this powder eyeshadow stick is a great choice.

Almay Shadow Squad 100 Unicorn

Looking for a base white for layering on your primer? Make Almay Shadow Squad 100 Unicorn your first choice.

This all-white shadow glides on seamlessly, making the colors layered on top – pop. It boasts just the right amount of shimmer for a beautiful base.

Of course, you can also wear it alone if you’re after a more dramatic makeup look. Pair it with a swipe of liquid liner and some mascara for an eye-catching finish. Notch it up one step further with a red lip.

maybelline shimmer white eyeshadow single

Maybelline Expert Wear Eyeshadow in vanilla

There’s so much to love about this Maybelline shadow – its creamy color, no fade, no flake, 14-hour wear formula. It’s the perfect daily eyeshadow for dressing up or down your peepers. Simply sweep this vanilla hue over your lids. It looks great worn alone or when mixed and matched with colors.

off white bone eyeshadow single

jane iredale pure-pressed eyeshadow in oyster

This mineral-based, soft shimmer bone shade eyeshadow enhances the color and shape of your eyes in one pass. Highly pigmented and crease-resistant, you can expect to enjoy hours of wear from this formula. Glide on wet or dry – it works well both ways.

It’s an excellent eye brightener that offers a silky-smooth finish. If you don’t fancy wearing it alone, it works just as effectively as a base shadow for long-lasting results and several hours of grease-free lids.

pearl cream eyeshadow single

Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Natural Cream Eyeshadow in White Satin

Formulated with moisturizing shea butter, jojoba oil, and antioxidant-loaded rosehip and vitamin E, this eyeshadow accentuates and nourishes simultaneously. It glides on beautifully while protecting the lids with antioxidants, and revitalizes mature, tired eyes.

You also won’t need to worry about red, itchy eyes when using this formula as it is made with a 99.7% Certified Organic Botanical base.

This white satin shadow is your go-to for a bold, shimmery finish. It also looks beautiful when applied to the inner corners of your eyes to make other colors pop. Best of all, it can also double up as a highlighter.

white matte eyeshadow

Graftobian Ultrasilk Matte Eyeshadow in White Whip

Formulated for comfort and durability, Graftobian’s UltraSilk Shadow in White Whip delivers eyepopping results. Since it’s a matte finish, this shadow works in almost any lighting. In fact, the formula is designed not just for everyday makeup but for professional Ultra HD TV, film, and photography.

You can expect amazing color from this shadow thanks to its rich pigment. Applied alone or with other shades, this HD makeup will help you look your best!

NYX Hot Singles Eyeshadow in Whipped Cream

NYX Whipped Cream Eyeshadow is a bright white eyeshadow with cool undertones and a matte finish. With its buildable pigmentation and powdery consistency, this formula is best used with other shades rather than as a standalone shade. For best results, use it in combination with a primer to get fuller coverage and longer-lasting effects. Reviewers say this color stays on for around seven hours when applied correctly.

sephora creamy white eyeshadow

sephora color eyeshadow in Under the Cover

A shimmer, silvery white offering from Sephora’s own line of makeup. This eyeshadow offers long-lasting, high-pigment delivery and is a great first choice if you’re just trying out your very first white eyeshadow, and looking for that gorgeous gloss pop of highlight on your lids.

pink white glimmer eyeshadow

urban decay moondust in cosmic sheer white sparkle

This is that white eyeshadow that you want to wear that’s not really there. The reflect in Urban Decay’s Moondust in Cosmic, is so pretty yet looks almost like a wet appearance to it’s finish, with every eye color. I love this eyeshadow.

clear jar of white shimmer eyshadow powder

makeup forever starlit diamond powder

Just when you thought you’d picked your next best white eyeshadow product, Makeup Forever comes along with this gem. Literally!
This ultra-fine powder product is just divine, for that inner corner of your lids pop, or as a beautiful highlight or over another eyeshadow shade altogether. These powders are soooo pretty.

tube of white cream eyeshadow

Haus labs Hy-Power Eye, Cheek & Lip Pigment Paint in white onyx matte

There is no denying the 100% pure opacity of this pigment for Ms Gaga.
What may be the highest pigment of this collection, if you’re looking for pure, flat white coverage, or a clean, liquid liner, then this cheek and lip pigment in White Onyx is your best pick. Create a super intricate liner look on your upper and lower lash line with your favorite fine point brush and this paint, and you’ll look like a work of art!
Epic staying power and coverage for sure.

elf white eyeshadow primer pot with black lid

e.l.f. no budge cream eyeshadow in wispy cloud

Described as a 3-in-1, this e.l.f beauty is your eyeshadow primer, eyeshadow and liner in one. While the entire range is quite small (but we are here to celebrate white eyeshadows), this cream will deliver high-quality blendable, buildable coverage, as e.l.f. always does.

opaque white liquid eyeshadow angular tube with doe foot applicator

about face matte fluid eye paint

On the other end of the range spectrum, comes Halsey’s high-quality Matte Fluid Eye Paint. The fluid eye paint provides the perfect eyeshadow bases.
Another mutli-tasker (do you see a pattern occurring in makeup today?) this fluid makeup will easily create your cleanest, finest eyeliner with its gorgeous creamy consistency.
I’m also loving the graphic, modular packaging from About Face, and the vibrant bright shades in her range as well.

stila white shimmer eyeshadow pot

Stila Glitter and glow liquid eyeshadow in perlina

While this reads as more of a rose pink/white on the skin, you can’t go past how beautiful a soft, girly pigment this fine shimmer liquid eyeshadow contains.
I suspect glitter might not be the best use of the word in the title, and as well, glitter’s not really that cool anymore, but nevertheless, Stila’s gorgeous Perlina could not be left off this list.

white theatrical eyeshadow

Bloody Mary White Eyeshadow

This icy white eyeshadow from Bloody Mary looks great when paired with a dramatic, dark lipstick. And this is the perfect shade of dramatic white.

This highly pigmented theatrical makeup can be used on wet or dry lids. Pair it with your favorite mascara and dark lipstick for a bold statement. Naturally, you can also use it as a base for primer before applying other colors. Alternatively, blend it with other shades for a creamy finish.

nars pandora duo eyeshadow back and white shades

nars duo eyeshadow in pandora

This NARS Duo Eyeshadow in black and white allows you to create rich, solid color in just one stroke. If you’re looking to stand out and make a statement, Pandora is your best pick. Expressive and impactful, it’s excellent for accentuating the eyes and delivering a bold makeup look. Be sure to pair it with an eye primer for an opaque, dramatic look.

Thanks to its lightweight formula, this shadow is highly blendable. Used these two colors together or alone, whatever the occasion.



There are so many ways to rock white eyeshadow – as a base, accentuator, eyeliner, a subtle highlight, or a standalone eye makeup shade. And the best thing is, as the creator, you get to decide which look you want to achieve.
Be experimental, try different looks, and above all, have fun!


Featured Image by kinkate is licensed under CC0 1.0

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