For most of us makeup wearers, lipstick is a must-have beauty staple. It can take your look from drab to fab in just one swipe! The only problem? Many lipsticks are prone to bleeding.

If you want to keep your lipstick on all day long, then this blog post will give you some helpful tips for preventing it from creeping outside your natural lip line or smudging onto your teeth while you eat and drink!

Scroll down for the best tips on preventing lipstick bleeding so you can enjoy hours of a perfect pout! I’ll also show you how to keep your lips in tip-top shape between lipstick applications. And how to properly remove long-lasting lipsticks as well.


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What Can You Do to Keep Lipstick From Bleeding?

1. Moisturize

Keeping your lips hydrated will help prevent them from becoming chapped, contributing to the bleeding of lipstick. Use a lip balm or cream before applying any product for smoother application and maximum comfort.

2. Use a Lip Pencil

Before you even apply anything else on your face, use a lip pencil to outline the shape of your lips. It’s essential to make sure the edges of your lips are lined and defined before applying any lipstick. This will help create clean lines and keep you from over-applying lipstick elsewhere on your face, which can cause it to run down or smear!

3. Use Concealer as a Lip Primer

Using concealer before putting on any other makeup product is an easy way to prevent bleeding because it blots out any excess oil on your lips and creates a smooth base for lipstick.

4. Blot and Set

After applying your lipstick, blot the color from your lips with a tissue before setting it in place with translucent powder or using an aerosol spray to seal it into place. This will help set the product so that there’s not as much transfer onto your teeth when you eat or drink.

5. Use a Translucent Powder

Powders help create a matte finish and seal the color into place. This will also protect you from bleeding, so you don’t have to worry about reapplying throughout the day!

6. Pat and Smudge Your Lips

After applying your blotted lipstick, gently pat your lips together with a tissue in between each stroke of application until you have fully covered them. To help keep lipstick from transferring off your lips onto the skin around them, pat on a little more to smudge it out in an even layer all the way around so that there are no dry patches left behind. This will also create a matte finish for you!

7. Set Your Lips

Setting sprays like Coola Setting Spray with SPF 30 works best for this. They help keep the color locked down without feeling heavy, and help your makeup last longer than usual, even through eating or drinking!

8. Use a Lip Sealer

To seal in lipstick, invest in a quality lip sealer. One of my favorites is Lipchic which I use on set for kissing scenes where we have to re-set between multiple takes – always a stressful day when there’s red lipstick involved!

9. Don’t Smoke!

Smoking can make your lips dry and chapped, which will lead to bleeding. Not only that, but it’s also a good idea to stop smoking because of the many health risks associated with it (including cancer!). So, don’t smoke!

10. Use a Sharpener!

A sharp lip liner will help clean up any smudges or uneven lines so that your lips are outlined in the perfect shape! It’s also worth noting that you should always use a sharpened pencil for this; otherwise, it can tug at your skin. And let’s not deny it. We should all own at least one good quality sharpener in our makeup bag!

11. Outline the outline of your lips

A trick that I’ve been using onset is to use Urban Decay’s Clear Ozone Pencil to literally outline the outside of your lipline. This line acts as a wax sealer and prevents bleeding outside your lip area. I love this technique – although it may take a few times to become second nature, it’s worth mastering!



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Applying Lipstick Without Bleeding

You know that feeling when you’re about to apply your favorite shade of lipstick, and it just won’t stay on your lips? It’s frustrating, especially if you spent time choosing a color and putting on the rest of your makeup. You might be tempted to give up or pick another lip product, but don’t throw in the towel just yet! There are some things you can do to apply lipstick without bleeding.

12. Use a Lip Brush

If you’re looking for a more precise lipstick application without bleeding, try using a good quality lip brush. A lip brush will give you far more control and a cleaner finish to your lipstick application.

13. Go For a Long-Lasting Lipstick

If you want to keep your lipstick on all day, it’s best to choose a high-quality, long-lasting product. It’ll last longer and stay on your lips better than other lipsticks will – plus, if the rest of your makeup is done correctly (primer or setting powder), this can help prevent smudging!

For a more long-lasting lipstick, try one that has moisturizing ingredients like vitamins A and E to really lock in hydration and seal in color.

14. Drink with a Straw

If you’re worried about lipstick transferring to cups or glasses, try drinking from a straw so that the liquid doesn’t touch your mouth! This is especially helpful if you find that the lipstick can rub off on eating utensils as well.

15. The Finger Trick

Nothing beats that feeling of being told you have lipstick on your teeth! Well, in case you haven’t heard the old secret technique, here it is. Wash your hands first of all, and dry them too. After your lipstick is applied, pop your clean pointer finger in your mouth, and pop your lips on it like it’s your favorite pop stick. Then as you remove your finger, it will take with it any excess lipstick that may have made its way inside your mouth and in prime lipstick on your teeth territory!

And you can always do a quick clean of your teeth with your tongue trick, too.

How to Remove Long-Lasting Lipsticks

As much as we love our long-lasting lipsticks, they do have their disadvantages. If it’s time for you to remove your lipstick and there are some stains on the skin around your mouth (especially if it was a strong red pigment or a dark color), don’t panic! There is an easy way to get rid of them.

The best way is with a micellar water cleanser. Simply apply a few drops onto a washcloth or cotton ball. Starting at the center of your lips, rub off the lipstick and watch the color fade away.

You can also use good old-fashioned Vaseline in a pinch. It will work wonders in removing that last remaining stain.


How to Maintain Your Lips Between Lipstick Applications

Following these practices while you’re not wearing lipstick will help prevent bleeding when you are wearing lipstickk.

16. Keep them Hydrated

Apply a nourishing lip balm to your lips every day between lipstick applications. By keeping your pout moisturized, you prevent dryness and flaking, making lipstick look smoother and better overall.
You can use a lip balm, lip cream, lip oil, or Vaseline – just choose something hydrating that’s really going to seal in moisture and maintain healthy lips.

17. Scrub Your Lips

Exfoliating your lips ensures they stay soft and healthy. That’s because it removes dead skin cells, making way for fresh skin and fresher-looking lips.
It also allows lipstick and other lip products to glide on more easily and penetrate the skin more deeply.

An exfoliating lip brush or sugar scrub can also do weekly wonders when you’re not wearing lipstick too.

18. Massage Your Lips

Massaging your lips is a great way to improve blood circulation and deliver nutrients to give them a healthy glow and smooth texture.
Opt for a vitamin-enriched oil when massaging the lips. Spend 2-3 minutes working it into your lips. For best results, do this every day.

19. Protect Your Lips

Lips get a lot of sun exposure – especially the bottom lip. That’s why it’s crucial to apply sunscreen or a protective lip product that contains SPF 15 or higher. Wearing this daily will shield your lips from harsh UV rays, preventing skin cancer and warding off dryness.

20. Drinks Lots of Water

Another way to keep your pout super hydrated is by staying hydrated on the inside. In other words, drink up!
Drinking plenty of water keeps your body functioning properly and your energy levels high, your skin clear, and your lips smooth and healthy.
And when you’ve got a smooth, hydrated base, lipstick just looks way better.

21. Try a Lip Mask

Once or twice a week, treat your pout to an antioxidant-loaded lip mask to give your lips some extra TLC. This’ll give them the intense hydration and nutrients they need to thrive and look incredible for your next lipstick application.
Look for a mask with hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid, coconut oil, and argan oil. These are the best for providing intense moisturization for your pout.

Lipstick bleeding is a common occurrence. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to stop your lipstick from bleeding so that you can enjoy hours of beautiful, perfectly colored lips.
Hopefully, you’ll find these tips useful so you can start applying lipstick with confidence and peace of mind that your lippy will stay in place!

Featured Image by Victoria Priessnitz via Unsplash

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