In the very early months of the pandemic this year, friends of ours began to arrange Zoom nights. Particularly to celebrate birthdays virtually, and just generally feel connected. At least more connected than through the cold-hearted and impersonal text messaging we have all become accustomed to in recent years. To my horror, in the time leading up to those very early zoom social gatherings, I had realised that I hadn’t worn any makeup in months. Nor did I really want to.


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Cut to signing onto Zoom that very first time. And subsequently seeing my big pink face shining back at me (and not shining in a good way!)

Now the word zoom has become synonymous with online video calling. It has earned its status as a multi-tasking verb, as in “Do you want to zoom tomorrow afternoon?” I soon discovered the need to do makeup for zoom calls specifically. One must always look their best when staring back at the familiar distraction of their own image, right?

But seriously, a little preparation and finessing can go a long way. In both making you feel good about yourself, and also to look great on camera.

For example, did you know that if you raise your computer up to eye level your fellow zoom participants will be more likely to engage in what you have to say and maintain eye contact? Essentially you are looking into each other’s eyes on the same level. And this is also a far more flattering angle for your face on camera as well. So for your next zoom call, try raising your computer level up to the height of your face. It will do wonders!


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I recently decided to put together some techniques and tips using my favorite makeup and skincare products.

Hopefully, they will help you figure out a very quick and efficient way to do your makeup for your zoom call in no time at all.

So, please check out my guest post on how to get zoom ready in 20 minutes. Find out what I had to say to lovely beauty blogger Camila Vilas on her very own beauty blog. I hope there’s something in there to help you prepare and look and feel great for that impromptu zoom call.

Perhaps you have your own tips? Maybe some secret beauty hacks that you use to get ready in a very short amount of time? Please comment below if you do – I’d love to hear your best beauty tips as well!

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  1. Right? As much as I love makeup, and PRODUCT in general, it’s been so nice not really wearing any all of these months. I’m all for a quick ‘once over’. Your process sounds just great. I love Besame, by the way. Everything about the brand! Thanks Melissa! 🙂

  2. I can relate to this so much! Most of the times I don’t want to bother with applying makeup for a digital meetup (Zoom, FaceTime, WhatsApp, etc) only to regret it deeply when I see my own huge face looking like a grease ball on the screen 😑

    That being said, my go to for a very quick “presentable” Zoom look is using cream blush on my cheeks and lips (I love the Besame cream Rouge in Apricot), followed by some matte powder to fight my oily skin. It’s not much but it certainly makes me look more alive on camera!

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