If you haven’t quite forayed into the world of pro makeup artistry yet, then you may not have had the pleasure of toying with my product of choice for this review.

And if you have, then strap yourself in. Because we’re going to chat all about one of makeup’s often overlooked unsung heroes – the Evian Facial Spray Mist.

20 years ago, I would have laughed like a kookaburra (non-Aussies – Youtube it – with the volume UP!) if you told me I’d be writing a thousand words on what makes a can of water so great. And also why I’d pay 10 bucks for the privilege.

But hey, I’ve talked my way out of far more difficult challenges than this. In fact, that just goes to show how much we can be open to change with the passage of time.

Alrighty then, in no particular order, I’m going to roll off all of my current uses and features of the much-revered, much loved, and also much-eye-rolled over, Evian Facial Spray!


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Evian Facial Spray

Evian Facial Spray

Find Evian Facial Spray here.

Benefits and Features of Evian Facial Spray

1. Refresh Your Makeup

Yep, this little can of Evian will work wonders in taking the powdery finish down on your face, or your client’s, and is a great quick way to give your makeup a little extra dewiness (and we all know how 2022 a dewy look is!)

And if you’re a particularly big fan of makeup setting sprays, then you should definitely add Evian Facial Spray to your beauty routine.

A spritzing first thing in the morning for your face is like that glass of water for your body you should drink as soon as you wake. Trust me – you should try it!


2. Hypo-allergenic and Neutral ph levels

If you’re asking what makes Evian Facial Spray hypo-allergenic, then you’re not the only one. The website mentions the unique mineral balance present in the waters from the Northern Alps of France. I can only begin to understand that this is literally because there is NOTHING else in the water, except for, err, water! This means that this little can o’ spray can be used on all skin types.

Also, see No. 3.


3. Chemical-free

Yes, my friend, Evian Facial Spray is completely chemical-free. So unless you get that troublesome client or performer who is allergic to water, well then, you’re good to go straight for your trusty Evian Spray!


4. Leakproof

Evian tells us that the can is 100% leakproof, which makes this facial mist the perfect resident for your on-set makeup bags, or travel kits, bridal kits, ANY kits or ANYONE at all. Check out the travel size, for those obsessed with tiny-everythings for your makeup kits!


5. Recyclable

You know I love to re-use, repurpose and am tortured daily by the amount of waste that is apparent in our good old beauty industry. I cry equal tears of joy and shame when I unwrap my MAC shipments!

But there’ll be no tears with an empty Evian Spray bottle, as it’s entirely recyclable. Pretty cool.


6. Free of :

  • Sulfates
  • Parabens
  • Formaldehydes
  • Phthalates
  • Mineral Oil
  • Synthetic fragrance – yes, it’s literally like you’re facing a gently misty rain


7. Hydration Boost In Your Skincare Routine

Boost your skin’s hydration by spritzing your face after cleansing. Let it sit for a few minutes and then pat before applying your moisturizer. Evian even claims with some small studies, that this will hydrate dry skin, and help make your skin feel softer and smoother with use over time.


8. Instant Cool Blast

Sneakily spritz your own face when you’re working out in the desert, or just outdoors on a hot day (while no one’s looking!) then pair that with your favorite hand fan for an instant cool burst to your skin. My face tends to turn beetroot when I’m overheated, so I’ll take any opportunity to cool my skin down when I can!

And while we’re here, if you’re seeking out a spritz with a bit more flavor, look no further than Mario Badescu Facial Sprays. They’re delightful!


9. Mums and Dads

Evian recommends using it on diaper changes to soothe your baby’s sensitive skin. Brilliant idea, right?


Uses for Evian Facial Spray on Movie and TV Sets

I kind of had to give these uses their own sections, as the list grew and grew. I’m sure there are more – DM me if you have uses that I’ve missed @themakeuprefinery so I can add them!

Here Goes!

10. Pump Up Your Eyeshadow

I love to spritz into my powder eye shadows if I want more intensity of color or for a more clean, defined eyeshadow. You can also give a spritz directly onto your product-loaded eyeshadow brushes right before applying it to the eyelids. This will transform it into a poor man’s cream eyeshadow and really give you that extra depth of color.


11. Beauty Blenders Need Evian Too!

That’s right, the demanding little Teletubbies of makeup. Spritz into your beauty blender to get it damp and ready for use. Works a charm.


12. Spritz Your Makeup Brushes

Spritz onto a wax paper palette to work my makeup brush into – helps to spread foundation product with ease.


13. Special Effects Makeup Shies Away from No Evian Bottle!

Who said Evian Spray was just for beauty? I love to spritz over my prosthetic makeup to help bring them to life and take away that powdery look that can happen from time to time.


14. Quick Sweat Look Spritz!

Alternatively, it’s a great way to quickly add to your actor on set to create that sweaty around the hairline look, that you can do very last minute before the cameras roll. With such a fine mist spray, just spritz a little across the forehead and neck is also a perfect quick sweat makeup effect.


15. Evian Facial Spray and GP20 Go Hand in Hand

If you haven’t heard of GP 20, then first thing’s first – you should look into it and get cracking!

You can spritz your Evian into a dollop of GP 20 and spread it over to minimize a powdery finish on makeups – particularly foam latex prosthetic makeups. Perfect for the hands and face makeups – like old age stipple, small appliance makeups, silicon, and foam latex. It really brings rubber to life and is a great technique to play with!


16. Makeup Application Medium

Again, by spritzing Evian natural mineral water spray onto a makeup palette, you can easily work it into your foundation application. Provided you use a water-based foundation. And if you’re not sure, there’s only one way to find out!

That’s right, the facial mist will provide a light sheering to your foundation, which is a really nice technique to use less makeup. Particularly throughout the warmer months of the year.



I do remember an old co-worker telling me years ago about Quentin Tarantino’s despising of these. So if you find yourself ending up on his set, you have been warned – don’t pull out your tiny Evian water spray bottle. Use something bigger!

So there it is, my list of benefits, features, techniques, and uses of the humble can of Evian facial spray. Some might say, the Ferrari of face mists, and they wouldn’t be far off.

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