Are you a makeup fan who is always looking for new products to ‘spice’ up your look? Have you heard of banana powder makeup but weren’t sure if it’s something you should be popping on your melted summer gelato or your shiny post-foundationed face, then I’ve got you covered!

In this blog post, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about banana powder makeup and why it’s a very good option to have in any makeup collection (not your kitchen pantry). So grab your coffee (or wine), and let’s get peeling on banana powder!

Short on time? Head straight to the FAQ’s section and get those answers in one wave of your best powder brush!


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What Is Banana Powder?

Okay, so first things first. What exactly is banana powder makeup?

When you look at it, banana powder makeup is fairly self-explanatory. The soft ripe-banana-toned hue of the powder is a dead giveaway at first glance.

And it’s used to give the skin a brightened look and a flawless, matte finish. Unlike regular translucent setting powder that is supposedly translucent (but that’s another blog post, another day!), banana powder has a yellow tint that helps to color correct your dark under-eye circles and also redness (yep, it can do both!) while still giving a lovely natural finish to your skin.

But why do you need Banana Powder?

As we mentioned, you can definitely use banana powder makeup as a setting powder for a flawless look, and to brighten up dark circles, which can be a real game-changer if you’re predisposed to periorbital hyperpigmentation (the scientific name for dark circles – did I sound smart for a second there?). For fear of sounding a tad too infomercially, forgive me I just can’t help it! But that’s not all, it can even help smooth out the appearance of fine lines!

You can also use it to set your concealer, although the older I get, my love affair with setting powder diminishes by the day. At least for my own skin.

However, if you have oily skin, banana powder can be the oil-absorbing BFF you never knew you needed. This is because it is the ideal material to absorb excess oil from your t-zone, or particularly oily areas of your face.

And it reduces shine throughout the day. AND for those with warmer skin tones, a banana powder can be used as a subtle contour or bronzer that won’t look too harsh.


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What Makes Banana Powder Different from Regular Translucent Powder?

Aside from its setting powder capability, banana powder also possess the ability to provide an extra level or color correcting as well as setting, mattifying and softening. This is because of it’s highly pigmented yellow shade.

So, if you go back to the concept of color theory, it should become second nature that you can use banana powder to act as a color corrector over dark areas, under eye circles, and even spots and pimples after they are concealed.

Folowwing suit, it is also fairly plain to see that translucent powders tend to be a white powder, and banana is obviously yellow.

And honestly, I find that banana powders, in general, are more flattering on more people than a traditional translucent powder, which can look chalky or leave a white cast on many of us, let’s not deny it.

How do you use Banana Powder?

To use banana powder makeup, simply dip a fluffy brush or a small powder brush into the powder and tap off the excess. I like to do this by tapping it on the back of my other hand.
Gently sweep the powder under your eyes to set your foundation or concealer and brighten the area.

You can also apply it to other areas where you want to reduce shine or add a touch of warmth to your skin tone. Be sure to blend it well, so it looks natural and not cakey. And remember, a little goes a long way!

As an alternative to a powder brush, you can also use a beauty blender, or even a small powder puff to apply your banana powder. And use an effective rolling, pressing motion. This will ensure that the powder is worked into the foundation and concealer it is layering over the top of, and provide a stronger, more thorough set that with a brush.

What are some of the best banana powder makeup products out there?

One of the most popular and best banana powders (and dare I say one of my long-time faves) is the Ben Nye Banana Powder, which has been a staple in the makeup industry for years. Can I age myself even more that I bought my first tub of it when I was in makeup school in the 1990s?
Ben Nye Banana Powder is a gorgeous, finely milled powder that offers excellent color correction and sets your makeup for a long-lasting finish. Dare I say we can all thank Ms. Kim Kardashian for introducing it to the masses many years ago. I’m sure family Nye is thanking her to this day as well 😉

Maybelline New York also has a great banana powder called the Lasting Fix Finishing Powder, which is affordable and accessible at most drugstores. I also love the Makeup Revolution Banana Baking powder a lot (despite not being a massive fan f the baking technique, outside of the kitchen, of course!)

Another banana powder fan-favorite is the Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder in the shade “Translucent Honey,” which is a bit darker than traditional banana powders and works like a charm if you have medium skin tones.

Banana powder makeup may have a somewhat delicious name, but it’s a serious must-have in any makeup collection. From brightening dark circles to setting your makeup for a long-lasting finish, banana powder can do it all.

So the next time you’re skipping up the makeup aisle, or treating yourself to some online shopping, grab yourself a tub of banana powder and see first hand why it’s a favorite among us makeup artists and mavens alike.


Kerrin’s fave banana powder….

Ben Nye Luxury Banana Powder

In my eyes Ben Nye Banana Powder is the OG of banana powders. I know, there’s plenty of fantastic followers, newbies and competitors, but for me, Ben Nye is where it’s at.
In fact, the Ben Nye range of powders is in itself, worthy of note as the pigments and texture is sublime.

Described as a micro-fine powder that creates a matte look with a silky-smooth finish.
And best thing is, it’s entirely usable regardless of your media, place or event, so use it as a professional makeup artist, or just use it on yourself.
So good!

Banana powders worthy of mentioning…

Banana Powder FAQ’s

What is Banana Powder?

Banana powder could be described as a yellowish setting powder made from very finely milled powder. Quite often it’s used to set and brighten under eye makeup but you can, in fact use it all over your face. It works great to warm up your complexion or as an eyeshadow base.

When Did Banana Powder Come Around?

Banana powder has been around for decades, but it wasn’t until recently that it became a major staple in many makeup bags. It first gained mass-popularity in the early 2000s as a DIY solution to brightening under-eye circles and as a setting foundation.

Who Should Use Banana Powder?

Banana powder is great for all skin tones. But for those of you with light skin tones, you can reap the benefits of banana powder to warm up your tone. It’s also incredibly beneficial if you have a deeper skin tone as well, because it brightens your skin tone without looking ashy or chalky. That being said, part of the real appeal of banana powder is that it truly works wonders on a wide range of skin tones.

Who Shouldn’t Use Banana Powder?

Banana powder is generally safe to use on all skin types. However, if you have sensitive skin or a tendency to break out, patch testing is a must before you use it. Additionally, you may find the brightening effects of banana powder to be too strong, so it never hurts to test it out first before committing.

How Do You Use Banana Powder?

You can apply banana powder with a fluffy brush or a powder brush. Lightly sweep it around your eyes and other areas of your face where foundation has been applied. Depending on the look you’re going for, banana powder can be used to set your foundation, warm up your complexion or brighten under eye circles. As well as correct redness or pink undertones, too.

Another great makeup technique to adopt is to use a damp beauty blender or damp makeup sponge to roll over the powdered areas to absorb any excess powder and help set all of your makeup as well.

How Did Banana Powder Become So Popular?

Banana powder gained traction when influencers and beauty gurus (did someone already mention Ms Kardashian?) started using it to create a flawless airbrushed look on social media. Not long after, it became one of the most sought-after products for achieving a natural-looking, brightened complexion. Nowadays, you can find it in many makeup lines and beauty collections.

What is banana powder made of?

Banana powder is finely milled yellow-toned talc with a matte finish. It usually contains some combination of cornstarch, kaolin clay, silica, zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, iron oxides, and other pigments.

If this ultra-fine powder hasn’t quite crept into your bathroom drawer or makeup kit yet, then I say, take a chance. Of all the beauty products I’ve seen hit viral status in the last couple of decades, this powder with its subtle yellow hue, lightweight formula and airbrushed finish may well be up there with my absolute faves.


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