Wanna sculpt your face with light, and not color? The Yves Saint Laurent Radiant Touch Pen is the ultimate tool for a natural-looking, radiant complexion. Read on to learn why I recommend it more than any other concealer.

the concealer I recommend more than any other

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In This Episode We Cover:

  • One of the first highlighters in the beauty industry
  • The history and evolution of the Touche Èclat
  • Fun facts about the Yves Saint Laurent Radiant Touch


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Episode 20: Show notes

After spending over 25 years as a film and TV makeup artist, there’s a very select group of products that have remained steadfast throughout the length of my entire career.
At the top of that very small pile is a product I want to introduce you to. Today,

The concealer that has stolen my heart – dare I be so melodramatic: the Yves Saint Laurent Radiant Touch Pen.


Let me just begin by saying that my love for this product knows no bounds.

I can confidently say that if you haven’t tried the Radiant Touch Pen, you’re missing out on a transformative makeup experience. (But transformative in a subtle, glowy kinda way!)

Unlike other concealers, the Radiant Touch Pen has stood the test of time.

It’s been around for at least 25 years, and trust me, it hasn’t aged a bit.

Sure, there are more shades available now than when I first encountered it in the early ’90s, but its core attributes have remained unchanged. And that’s a testament to its exceptional quality.

What makes the Radiant Touch Pen such a stayer is its unique formula that utilizes reflecting particles. Instead of merely covering up imperfections or adding layers to your skin, it effortlessly enhances and brightens your complexion.

It has the incredible ability to alter the appearance of your skin without leaving a heavy or cakey finish.

That, my friend, is what sets this concealer apart from the rest.

While there have been countless imitators and homage products over the years, nothing quite replicates the Radiant Touch Pen’s brilliance.

It’s a true trailblazer in the world of highlighting products.

And if you’re looking to achieve a natural and flawless look in your everyday life, this concealer is an absolute game-changer.

I adore the Radiant Touch Pen – it’s ability to sculpt with light rather than relying on color.

It’s like a magic wand that adds a touch of radiance and luminosity to your face.

When you step outside wearing this incredible product, it genuinely appears as though you’re not wearing any makeup at all.

It’s the perfect secret weapon for those who aim to conceal spots or under eye circles while maintaining a fresh-faced and natural look.

Now, I couldn’t help but share a fun fact with you about the Radiant Touch Pen.

It takes a whopping 200 clicks to empty a single pen. That equates to approximately twenty-one cents per click. Not bad for a product that delivers such remarkable results!

If you’re itching to try out this concealer and experience its magic for yourself, just scroll down to the Links in the Episode Section, where I’ll provide all the necessary links for you where you can find it.

Trust me when I say, you won’t want to miss out on this beauty gem.

So, there you have it, my beauty aficionado. My love affair with the Yves Saint Laurent Radiant Touch Pen, a commitment that has spanned decades.

A product that has never failed to amaze me with its impeccable performance.

If you’re seeking a game-changing concealer that enhances your natural beauty, look no further than the Radiant Touch Pen.

Stay radiant and until next time!

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Episode Transcript

Welcome back to 5 Minute Face Talk, the shortest, snappiest makeup school you will find anywhere. Okay, so this episode I want to share with you.
This is one of my longest love affairs with the makeup product, and it’s gosh it’s got to have been around for at least 25 years.
I’ll get my team of fact checkers onto it, and I’ll get back to you with the actual date and age of this product. Have you got any ideas what it’s going to no. Silence. Crickets.
It is the Yves St Laurent Radiant Touch Pen, the magical pen that if you haven’t used one yet, you are truly not living.

I’ll probably go well over my allotted time frame with this one, but here we go. I have to start at the beginning. It has been decades since I first used the Yves Saint Laurent Radiant touch. And guess what? Guess what’s changed about it since then?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

[00:01:42]: Well, that’s not quite true, actually, because there are way more shades available than when I first was put onto it way back in probably the early to mid-90s. How can that be possible? Yes, it had just three shades back then in the here I go.
I’m going to try and say it. The correct pronunciation is tush Ikla. Tush Ikla. There. I’m going to put out a little YouTube video of the pronunciation for you, but I’m sure you can find it yourself. Now, here are some fun facts about the YSL tush Ikla.

[00:02:20]: It takes 200 clicks to empty one pen. So if you haven’t used it, it’s basically you push the base or the far end of the pen, and that pumps the product through. That comes out into a fine brush applicator at the end that you apply to your face.
And what I love about the way this is broken down is that it boils down to about twenty-one cents per click. And this is not a marketing pun for any of my friends in the online world or in marketing. I know that sounds like it. That’s like, good return, right? Twenty-one cents per cost per click. But no, that’s still pretty amazing.

[00:03:00]: So it’s also one of the very first highlighting products that ever existed within the beauty world. So it’s something of a trailblazer, don’t you think? And we all know there’s many imitators and homages and products that have come after the Radiant Touch Pen. So despite being a very solid concealer and it does this by way of reflecting particles as opposed to covering or adding layers onto your skin. I’ve never known another product that gives the appearance of changing or altering the shade of your skin without depositing heavy product on your skin.
It’s really quite remarkable. And I do absolutely recommend this product more than any other when it comes to concealing for people in real life, not necessarily going on camera, not necessarily for photography or whatever medium it is that they are being documented.
But to wear this on yourself as you step outside each day, I mean, it’s such a fine product that it just looks like nothing at all. And I love the idea of sculpting with light and not color.

[00:04:13]: And if you haven’t worked out, I, for one, absolutely love this product.

So this is just my little episode entirely dedicated to the 30-something-year-old Yves St. Laurent Touch Eclait.

Go and get one if you haven’t done so already. I will link to them everywhere, all over my show notes at the makeuprefinery.com podcast. You can’t miss it. Okay, I’ll see you next time. Bye.


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