The pressure on women to always look perfect is immense. And it’s not just about the hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars we spend on products. It’s about feeling the need to put on our best face every day.

why pamela anderson’s no makeup look makes me sad

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In This Episode We Cover:

  • The sad fact that Pamela’s no makeup looks was so “head-turning”
  • Why we face pressure to put on our best face and why aging is so frowned upon
  • The hope that perhaps you’ll be inspired by this event to go makeup free?


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Episode 19: Show notes

Image of Pamela Anderson by Lev Radin

When I began creating the “5 Minute Face Talk” podcast, I wanted to focus on evergreen topics that would resonate with my listeners regardless of the passage of time.

However, there is a recent event that I feel is worth discussing in this week’s episode.

Pamela Anderson’s appearance without makeup at Paris Fashion Week has generated significant attention, and it has left me with mixed emotions.

As a veteran makeup artist, I have built my career on enhancing appearances, but this event has prompted me to reflect on the pressure society places on women to always look their best.

In this episode, I will delve into the implications of Pamela Anderson’s bare-faced look and why it evokes both sadness and hope.

The Pressure to Look Perfect

As women, we face immense pressure to present our best face every day.

This pressure only intensifies as we age and begin to feel the effects of gravity.

The cosmetics industry capitalizes on this by promoting products that promise to address our insecurities, sometimes carrying hefty price tags that add to the demands on our wallets. The expectation to always wear makeup can be overwhelming, perpetuating the notion that we must adhere to society’s standards of beauty.

Pamela Anderson’s Bare-Faced Beauty

Pamela Anderson’s appearance at Paris Fashion Week (2023) without makeup challenges these societal norms.

While I commend her for her stunning natural beauty, what it reminded me of was a photograph of her from my teenage years (that was the 1990s), where she wore minimal makeup and revealed her freckles.

This image filled me with hope because it demonstrated that we can embrace our natural selves and still be beautiful.

Anderson’s decision to go without makeup at a major fashion event signifies a break from what is expected and predictable.

It provokes us to consider what it means to go against the grain and reject the pressure to always wear makeup.

The Significance of This Event

While this may seem like a trivial moment, in a world that revolves around appearances I believe it holds importance.

The positive response to Anderson’s no-makeup look suggests that there is a growing desire for authenticity and self-acceptance.

(And honesty, that yeah – some days we all WANT to wear no makeup!)

I hope that this event inspires more women over 40 and 50 to embrace their natural beauty, without feeling the need to hide behind the facade of their makeup and hairdo’s.

I look forward to a future where going makeup-free is not headline-worthy, but instead, a common and accepted choice.

It is a notion worth pondering and a step towards breaking free from the shackles of societal expectations

For me, Pamela Anderson’s appearance without makeup at Paris Fashion Week has sparked both sadness and hope.

It highlights the pressures we face as women to always look our best and the financial burden that comes with it.

However, it also presents an opportunity for us to challenge these expectations and embrace our natural selves. The positive response to Anderson’s bare-faced look is a promising sign of society’s evolving attitudes towards beauty.

Let’s go for a world where going without makeup is not a bold statement, but rather a personal choice that we can all feel comfortable and confident in.

Until next time, remember that beauty comes in many forms, and it’s okay to show your true face to the world.


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Episode Transcript

[00:00:00]: When I began 5 Minute Face Talk, I promised myself that it would only contain episodes relating to what’s known as evergreen material. And what that means is that it’s not timely or topical or seasonal information, but it’s something that you could listen to a year from now and it would still resonate with you.
But something came up this week that I feel strongly about and strongly enough about to squeeze into this week’s podcast episode rotation. And that is Pamela Anderson’s recent appearance at this year’s Paris Fashion Week. Sans makeup.

[00:00:45]: Because when this happened, the whole world, or at least the fashion world, seemed to sit up a bit straighter and take note.
And yes, this makes me sad.
It makes me sad because in all honesty, this type of presentation should not raise eyebrows, regardless of how injected into the look of surprise those very eyebrows are. And while I’ve based my entire career and indeed this podcast, my website, and my future business and future makeup courses around makeup, around appearance, beauty, and the whole concept of this subject, this single event has received so much attention that I couldn’t ignore it.
That I hope that it inspires others to go without makeup to the point where it doesn’t make headlines and isn’t shocking.
Because the pressure we all face as women, and if you’re over 40 like me, and beginning to feel the effects of gravity to put on our best face every day, and the hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars that those products and demands require, it’s just immense.

So while I commend Pammy because I think she looks stunning, I’m even reminded of a photo of her from back in my teens, in the 90s, where I thought she looked more beautiful than in any other photo or Baywatch episode that I’d ever seen.

[00:02:40]: And it was one that she wore very little makeup in. And I discovered she had freckles. But for some reason, seeing this bare-faced 56-year-old and her freckles gives me hope. And as contradictory as that may seem, it does make me sad. I love it so much, and I love that the response has been, for the most part, positive.

But I wonder if come next year at Paris Fashion Week, every woman over 40, over 50, will be going without makeup, secretly wishing that they had done it first. Because isn’t that part of the allure here? That she’s going against the norm, against what’s expected and what’s predictable at this time? It’s something to ponder, but whatever the reason and whatever the consequences.

I love seeing Pammy like this and am counting the days down till this can occur far more frequently than one woman at an event such as a fashion show when we can all feel compelled and comfortable in presenting ourselves makeup free or with minimal makeup and feel absolutely great about it.

[00:03:48]: Oh, boy. What a load of contradiction this just became. I hope that makes sense on how I feel if it wasn’t emphatic enough. And what I think is important here, because I really do think that this is important.

While this may be one small, somewhat trivial moment in a world that revolves around facade and appearance, I do feel it is somewhat significant and something for us all to learn and, more importantly, grow from. Okay, see you next time.


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