Truth be told, I wore very little makeup through my 20s. Always mascara, and sometimes, a splash of Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat under the eyes, and that was about it. Foundation and eyeshadow if it was a night out, but most days, very minimal.
I guess over 20 years later, not much has changed.

Relatively speaking, that is.

There is a much heavier focus on skincare for me at home now, but that’s partly because I love trying new products for my face.
But it’s also because I truly believe, deep down, that a big part of the job of makeup can be done with a helping hand from skincare, for sure.

Now, I usually always wear a foundation when I go out, day or night.

And next up in order of importance is, without doubt, my eyebrows. As I watch them fade into insignificance, they are probably the single most dramatic feature on our face that you can quickly and easily change, to define your eyes and face.

So I guess what I’m getting at is that makeup really does need to change and evolve with our faces. As they evolve in our lives, too.

Inside this post I want to explore some of the biggest foundation mistakes you might be making as you pass 40.

And why it’s worth taking note, and perhaps pulling back on your technique, your tools, or perhaps even the very foundation you use.

Yes, my friend, the foundation shade, texture and type you use might be worth taking a good hard look at. And perhaps this post will have you reassessing your product choice, and being open to trying something new to help you achieve a youthful and radiant look.


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1. Neglecting Skincare

I know it can be easily done. You’re busy. I’m busy; we’re all busy. But a proper skincare routine will work absolute wonders behind the scenes for your foundation makeup.
And it doesn’t need to be an 11-step routine at any time!
By simply using a moisturizer and an SPF to begin, you can make improvements to your skin health. Particularly if you have especially dry skin.

Remember, a well-hydrated and prepped skin canvas not only helps your foundation look good, but will help it last longer, too!


2. Using the Wrong Shade

This is a common one. And something we are probably all guilty of at one time or another.

Just recently, I noticed my skin tone deepen with some extra sun, and within days, my foundation shade was too light.

It is common for our skin tone to change with age as well. So what that means is your old faithful Clinique foundation that you’ve been buying for over 10 years might not be the perfect shade for you anymore.

So take a good look in daylight.
If your foundation is too light for your skin tone – you can look ashy or unwell.

Too dark – you can look like a beauty queen without a pageant.

Next time it’s time for a new foundation, do try going into a store, testing samples on your jawline, throat and chest. Even see how it looks on your outer forearm as well.

And if you still struggle with matching, ask for help in-store. Or get a few shades within the one you think is closest to your skin tone. You can always play at home.


woman putting makeup in front of mirror


3. Applying Too Much Product

Just because you want full coverage on your face, doesn’t mean you need to use a lot of product.

More foundation does not necessarily equal better coverage.

Full coverage foundation can settle into fine lines on your face, and result in actually aging you.
By starting with a little product, and blending it well, you can layer if you need to and build up from a small initial amount of product on your face.


4. Skipping Primer

Now, while I’m a big proponent of less is more, particularly when it comes to working on film and tv projects, it is worth acknowledging the power of a primer.

Especially if you have oily skin or are someone that can tend to sweat a lot.

A primer can help to create a smooth surface on your skin. It can also help minimize the appearance of pores on your face. And another thing, it can help your foundation last longer, too.

But for me, it’s not to say that really thorough skin prep should ensure you don’t really have to rely on a primer. I know that I don’t 99% of the time. I guess its apples and oranges, right?


5. Ignoring the Right Tools

For me, foundation brushes are a must to create flawless, flattering foundation finishes.

And just because I’m a professional makeup artist, doesn’t mean you can’t pick up on my techniques and adapt them for your own use.

Foundation brushes have so many benefits, from cleanliness and hygiene, to product efficiency and environmental awareness.


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The Key Takeaways

For my “skip to the end” friends, here are the main points that I touched on that you should be taking home from this post:

The 5 Foundation Mistakes You Should Be Avoiding Once You’re Over 40

Neglecting Your Skin Care

Skincare and skin prep can go a long way to improve and increase the staying power of your foundation makeup.

Using the Wrong Foundation Shade

Not matching your foundation shade correctly can lead to unflattering results. Whether it be too light or too dark, when your foundation shade is off, you will look and feel off, too.

Using Too Much Product

Too much product does not mean better coverage. It can be unflattering, unnatural and necessarily expensive.

Skipping the Primer

A good primer can help create a smoother surface for your foundation. It can also help manage your oily skin or sweatiness and help your makeup last longer.

Ignoring the Right Tools

Not utilizing the best tools that are available today can be unhygienic, messy, and also waste a lot of product. Ultimately, using the right brushes can lead to better-looking results with your foundation. Professional results.

If you’re able to remember to avoid some, or all of these foundation mistakes, your complexion will end up looking a whole lot clearer and more flawless.
Just remember, makeup is a useful tool that we can use to enhance our skin and natural beauty. So embrace your age, no matter what it is, and celebrate what you’ve got!


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