Join me as I unveil the game-changing portable towel warmer that saved the day at my booth at IMATS 2024. Plus, I’ll be dishing out some tips and tricks for using this handy tool in the world of makeup artistry.

beauty breakthroughs #1: the portable mini-towel warmer
black handle makeup brushes

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In This Episode We Cover:

  • My latest makeup discovery is a total game-changer for makeup removal on the go.
  • Why using hot towels is so useful for makeup and skincare as well.
  • What made IMATS so special for me in 2024.


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Episode 48: Show notes

black handle makeup brushes

I’m so excited to share with you the amazing discoveries I made at the recent International Makeup Artists trade show in LA (aka IMATS).

My new portable towel warmer has completely changed the game for me and I just have to spill all the details.

So, let me set the scene.

Picture me at my booth, getting ready for makeup demos at IMATS.

It’s a whirlwind of a time, connecting with so many artists and makeup lovers, sharing and trading tips and tricks, and also getting the opportunity to showcase my brand new free checklist all about hair punching. The energy was incredible, and I was so grateful for all the love and support I received over the weekend.

Now, here’s the thing. While applying makeup is glamorous and exciting, the makeup removal process is often overlooked. But it’s a crucial part of the job, and at the trade show, it presented a unique challenge for me.

How do I maintain a tidy and professional setup while prepping for makeup removal? That’s when I stumbled upon my new secret weapon – a portable towel warmer.

Let me tell you about this little gem.

It’s essentially a small, insulated soft bag with a zipper opening at the top, housing a small warming plate.

Initially designed for heating up lunches, it proved to be a game changer for me. It can fit multiple hand towels, face-sized towels, and my favorite makeup erasers.

The best part? It’s super convenient to use.

With just a plug-in, I can pre-heat all my face cloths well before I need them, ensuring they’re ready to go at a moment’s notice.

As a film and TV makeup artist, incorporating prosthetics and specialty makeup is a regular part of my work. These hot towels not only aid in removing stubborn makeup and prosthetic residues, but they also add a touch of comfort and luxury for the performers.

Trust me, it’s the little things that make a big difference in this world, right?

Now, let’s talk practicality.

This portable towel warmer, or as it’s known, the “Hot logic portable oven,” is a space-saving dream.

Unlike traditional bulky towel warmers, it’s soft and compact, making it an ideal companion for on-the-go makeup work or house calls.

I was thrilled to find that it took up minimal space and was exceptionally easy to transport. Plus, it’s available in various colors and patterns, so you can pick one that suits your style.

If you’re intrigued and want to get your hands on this game-changing tool, just scroll down to the resources section, and you’ll find the link to your new favorite beauty companion.

Now, before I sign off, I have to mention my brand new checklist for hair punching.

It’s packed with all the essentials I use for this technique and will give you a headstart in the world of hair-punching, and give you all the things I use, that have taken me 25 years to put together, and you get it right now!

Just scroll down to the resources section and you’ll find the links.

I can’t wait to share more exciting discoveries and insights with you in the future. Until next time, take care and stay fabulous.

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IMATS Makeup DEMO 2024

Episode Transcript

[00:00:02]: The week before last, I was scrambling furiously to pull together a couple of makeup demos to put on or to apply at my booth at imats. Now, if you’re unaware, IMATS is the International Makeup Artists Trade Show and this event was held here in LA this time round.

It was a lot of fun and one of my favorite highlights really was getting to connect with each and every one of you that stopped by that said hello, that picked my brand new free checklist.
And that’s all about what I use to hair punch. What tools, combs, handles, every single thing I recommend to get you started in the world of punching hair. So keep listening and I’ll let you know where you can get it. If you didn’t come to the trade show and you missed out, that is, if you’re interested in hair punching, and I’ll send you straight to it.

[00:00:57]: And I’ll even post a photo or two of my finished demos so that you can see how I incorporated hair punching to really give one of my characters that little something extra. So I really do want to say thank you all for the love and support and kindness that I experienced over the weekend. It was a delight to meet so many new and old friends and artists. So from my heart, I thank you.

What might come as some surprise is that it’s quite a hustle doing the makeup removal at the end of the day. At this event for me last weekend, most people aren’t as interested in seeing the makeup come off as they are seeing it go on, and it’s nowhere near as glamorous, nor does it give that sense of transformational wowing that you get from a big makeup application. Nevertheless, it has to be done. It’s part of the process.

[00:01:52]: But in setting up my little booth and still having to have it look tidy and professional, setting up for the removal was quite challenging. But at the trade show, I made an incredible discovery. I invested in a small lunch warmer that I have decided to call my own portable towel warmer, and it worked a treat.

[00:02:51]: So this portable towel warmer, it’s glorified portable towel warmer is basically a very small, insulated soft bag that has a zipper opening around the top and inside it. It has a small warming plate that fits inside perfectly, so fits in the bottom, and it also comes with a small lunchbox.

Now, obviously, the concept is that you take it to work each day to reheat your leftovers or lunch. But, hey, sometimes you have to get creative. And for me, in this instance, I have to say my new portable towel warmer was an absolute game changer.

If you’re on the move with makeup work or doing house calls, this is a thing of perfection. It fits two hand towels, probably three face size towels, the smaller ones, and probably three to four face size makeup erasers. And you know that they’re my favorites.

[00:03:46]: And it just plugs in so you can pre-prep all of your face cloths well before you need them. In fact, if you prep them longer than 30 minutes, they will be absolutely scorching hot and ready for use when you are hot. Towels have become a necessary addition to our work as makeup artists, regardless of what field that you specialize in.

For me, applying and removing prosthetics, they not only help remove those final remnants of glue and leftover appliance from the skin, but they’re always the performer’s favorite part of the process. If I had a dollar for every time someone said that very thing, I probably wouldn’t have to do makeup for a living anymore.

But how often have you done makeup in an office, a warehouse, a hotel room, or somewhere even more limited where you didn’t have access to a microwave or, heaven forbid, a makeup trailer that had a built-in towel warmer?

Well, this little portable baby will change everything. It’s called the Hot Logic Portable Oven, and I picked it in simple black, but you can also get it in so many different colors and patterns, too.

And I think pairing it with a few Makeup Erasers for your beauty work and a few face cloth towels for prosthetic removal? For one single person, this is just the ticket.

[00:05:08]: It’s always exciting when you make a new discovery that works. So I was so stoked at the end of the trade show days to rely on this beauty, and it definitely came through for me. And another brilliant thing is that it’s soft, so it takes up very little space and is far more easy to transport than the traditional hard case towel warmers that we are all used to seeing.

And let’s be honest, they’re massive as well. None of that bulk for just working with one performer anymore. And if you’re a personal for someone, oh, my goodness, you need to get this for your kit.

You can get your very own Hot Logic Towel Warmer if you go to my show notes page for this episode, which is And all you have to do is scroll down to the section where I’ll list all the resources, products, and just super cool things that I’ve mentioned in this episode, and you’ll find it right there.

[00:06:07]: This little guy comes highly recommended from me, I tell you.

Oh, and I’ll be sure to include my brand-spanking new checklist that will give you all the things I use for hair punching. And you can check out my finished makeups from imats from last weekend and see some super crazy hair punching in action on one of my girls, too.

So just go to and you’ll find everything that we’ve covered in today’s episode. All right, I’ll see you next time. Bye.

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