Have you ever had any mishaps with your makeup or skincare products while traveling? How did you handle it? Check out my 16 top makeup travel tips that will hopefully prevent any future disasters when you’re globe-trotting next.

16 top makeup travel tips
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In This Episode We Cover:

  • Ways to minimize what makeup you pack before you travel.
  • Different storage solutions and options to help make your makeup more “travel-friendly.”
  • How saving and re-using packaging can help you when you travel.


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Episode 23: Show notes

woman at airport

As the holiday season approaches, as it always does, I’m sure there’s a good chance you might be jetting off to some lavish destination somewhere.

And while traveling can be exciting, the task of packing can often be overwhelming, especially when it comes to organizing your makeup.

I decided to put together this list of my top 16 makeup travel tips to share with you to help you pack light, save space, and ensure a stress-free journey.

So here goes.

  1. Start with a small makeup bag or case: Setting limitations from the beginning will help you prioritize your makeup essentials and avoid overpacking.

  2. Consider multitasking products: Opt for items like lip and cheek sticks and eyeshadows that can double as bronzers to minimize the number of products you need to bring.

  3. Pack travel-size brushes: The Bdellium Travel Brush Kits are compact, high-quality options that allow you to do an entire face with just a few brushes.

  4. Opt for palettes: Not only are palettes flat and space-saving, but they also offer versatility. Consider refillable palettes from brands like Viseart, Kjaer Weis, Makeup Forever, and Echo Bella.

  5. Decant liquid products: Invest in the Morfone 16 Set Travel Kit, which provides fillable and reusable bottles and jars for easy transportation of your favorite liquid products.

  6. Embrace compact and leak-proof packaging: Cadence capsules offer a space-saving solution with their magnetic and leak-proof design.

  7. Utilize travel-size products: While excess plastic production is a concern, travel-size items like mascara, lipstick, and eye cream can be convenient for shorter trips.

  8. Carry your makeup as a carry-on: By following the previous tips, you can ensure that your products meet TSA regulations and eliminate the risk of spills or breakages in checked luggage.

  9. Protect your products while you travel with a Makeup Eraser: Wrap up delicate items or use it as an additional layer for your foundation or skincare products.

  10. Reuse empty packaging: Save travel-size jars or containers from previously used skincare or beauty products to carry smaller amounts of your favorites.

  11. Opt for SPF moisturizers: Reduce the number of large bottles by using a moisturizer that also provides sun protection. There are many non-greasy options available.

  12. Bring your own mirror: Pack a functional mirror to avoid relying on the uncertain quality of hotel room mirrors, and consider one with built-in lights for better visibility.

  13. Choose setting spray over pressed powder: Pressed powders are prone to damage during travel, so consider a setting spray or an anti-shine product instead.

  14. Use those free samples: Pack those small, high-end samples you received during previous beauty shopping sprees as a special treat during your travels.

  15. Squeeze excess air out of bottles and tubes: This not only saves space but also reduces the risk of spills or explosions during the flight.

  16. Plan your makeup looks in advance: To avoid overpacking, plan your makeup looks according to your itinerary and the activities you have planned.

    Packing for travel doesn’t have to be a stressful experience, especially when it comes to organizing your makeup essentials.

    By following my travel tips here, you can simplify your routine, save space, and ensure a stress-free journey.
    From streamlining your brushes and palettes to utilizing travel-size products and protective packaging, these tips will help you look and feel fab while you’re on the go.

    So go ahead, pare down your makeup, and enjoy your adventures without worrying about excessive luggage or damaged products. It’s liberating!



My tips to travel with your makeup stress-free!


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Episode Transcript

[00:00:00]: As we’re coming up to the holidays, I thought I’d get you thinking about your makeup and how you can pare it down a little when it comes time to pack for travel. The dreaded packing.

As you know, weight limits on your checked and carry-on bags if you’re flying can be pretty restrictive. So if you can minimize and be prepared and organized early, when it comes time to pack, rest assured you can do so stress-free and in minimal time because nobody likes spending too long packing.

[00:01:00]: Okay, so here for you is my list of best travel tips for your makeup. Now, I have 16 tips, so I’m going to try and plow through these as quick as I can to keep this episode short and snappy for you. So here goes.

Number one – start with a small makeup bag or case. When you limit yourself from the beginning, you’ll be forced to make decisions to minimize your makeup. So in effect, setting limitations from the very get-go will help you pack less.
Number two – consider a few multitasking products a lip and cheek stick, an eyeshadow that you can use as a bronzer or vice versa. High coverage foundation that will double as your concealer and that you can shear out for a lighter coverage foundation.

[00:02:00]: Number three – pack travel-size brushes. I love the Bdellium travel brush kits. They come with a cute bamboo roll case or a black case that will keep them protected and secure them when you travel. And they are the exact same high quality as the full-size Bdellium brush ranges. My favorite is the Travel Basics Brush Kit, and it’s a perfect kit to pack light while still giving you the range of brushes that can easily allow you to do an entire face with.
Number four – pack Palettes not only are palettes flat, but they’re a great environmental option.
The refillable ones from brands like my fave Viseart, Makeup Forever, Kjaer Weis, and Echo Bella. But they can also be incredibly versatile for example.

00:02:48]: Kjaer Weis. You can custom build your own palette with the Kjaer Weis Collector’s kit, and that kit can allow you to fit three cream cheek products, two cream eyeshadows and a cream foundation. Great solution, right? All within one palette. They pack flat and they’re just super convenient and versatile.

Number five – decant for your liquid products, consider the Morfone 16 Set Travel Kit, and it comes with a range of silicon fillable and reusable bottles, jars and spray bottles that have got you covered for your hair products, skincare and liquid makeup plus you also get spatulas and a funnel to make filling the bottles extra easy.
And have you seen the Cadence Capsules? They are super cute hexagonal capsules that are leakproof and magnetic, so as you fill them up, you can lock them together and they form like a little honeycomb pattern, and they’re a great space-saving option as well.
Number six now, while I’m not a massive fan of the minis world, due pretty much in its entirety to the excess production of plastics and just more stuff on this planet, I must say a travel-size mascara, lipstick, eye cream, and so many more things, well, they really can come in handy when you’re traveling. So just think about it.

[00:04:13]: Put it in your back pocket if you have some minis at home already.
Number seven – carry your makeup as a carry-on bag and not check luggage. If you’re following all of these steps, you’ll easily be able to keep your bottles to TSA friendly sizes, so you should be well under the approved size of liquids. And this way you can ensure that there will be no spills, squishes or unplanned mishaps with your liquids. There’s nothing worse than discovering on the other end of your travels that something has broken and spilled through your clothes and gifts and just other things that you’re traveling with. It sucks. And on the less than being struck by lightning chance that your luggage is lost, then you can breathe a massive sigh of relief as your precious beauty products are safely stashed with you in your carry on.
Number eight bring your Makeup Eraser.

[00:05:09]: You can use this to wrap up products if you have particularly luxe skincare products that you want to protect, and it can act as an insulation and add an extra layer to your favorite foundation or skincare that you do bring in their original packaging. Using a Makeup Eraser also removes the need for a makeup remover and especially if you’re just away for the weekend. And also the dreaded makeup remover wipes that you know I’m not the world’s biggest fan of.
Number nine – reuse saved empty packaging from previously used skincare or beauty products. I know I’ve talked about this before, and you know I love my Biossance Squalane and Omega Repair Cream. Well, it’s also available in a small travel-size jar, which you can easily save when it’s empty, and double for your latest eye cream, cream foundation, lip balm, or any other product that you don’t feel like traveling with the whole product. And if you don’t know why I love Biossance Squalane and Omega Repair Cream, be sure to go and check out Episode 15, where I chat all about it and particularly what’s so great about the repair cream. I do love it.

[00:06:23]: Number ten – use an SPF that can double as your moisturizer, and right away, immediately, you halve the amount of big bottles. If you can double up your moisturizer, that is an SPF. And there are plenty of fantastic non-greasy, nonwhite cast SPF moisturizers to choose from these days. Neutrogena Hydro Boost with SPF, Lancome Aqua Gel Defense 50 plus there’s Origins A Perfect World SPF 40, La Roche-Posay Double Repair Moisturizer UV with SPF 30. There are so many.
Number eleven – bring your own mirror. Pack a small but large enough to be functional mirror so you don’t have to rely on the mystery of what’s available in your hotel room or Airbnb wherever you’re staying, where you’re not quite sure of the situation. And if you need extra magnifying, then go for a mirror that’s double-sided so you have your magnifying option on one side as well. And even better, if your makeup palette has a makeup mirror inside the lid, then you’re already covered.

[00:07:30]: Oh, and my bonus tip with your mirror is to go for a mirror that’s got lights. Yes, I have one in my standby kit for work now that I found a couple of years ago and I love it. It is so handy. It really comes in handy those unexpected times that you’re not working in great light or you have to put your own makeup on and it’s the middle of the night and those moody bathroom lights just don’t quite do the job, do they? I love these products. I’ll link to it in the show notes as well, so keep an eye out.
Number twelve – consider using a setting spray over a pressed powder, even though the chances of damage are minimized if you’re carrying on. Pressed powders tend to be damaged in travel more than any other type of makeup because, well, they’re pressed powders. So if you know that your makeup needs setting, maybe think about traveling with a setting spray or even an Antishine product as opposed to a press powder.

[00:08:28]: And if you absolutely can’t live without your pressed powder, try popping a folded tissue on top of the powder itself inside the compact, which will give it some extra protection from those dings and unexpected bumps and jolts that can happen from time to time when you’re traveling.
Number thirteen – remember all those free samples that you got the last time you had a massive Sephora haul at their last sale? Well, this is the perfect time to pack all of those little friends along for the ride. They’re flat, they’re tiny, and honestly, make a treat of it. Treat yourself as usually, you get some quite high-end luxury products or seven that you can splurge on and have a much-needed post hot bath. Soak me time on your travels as well. You can really turn those little satchels into something big.

Number fourteen – squeeze the excess air out of your bottles and tubes before you fly. Remember that air pressure on planes can cause the air inside your bottles and containers to expand.

[00:09:32]: So by squeezing out that excess before you travel, you can prevent your bottles from exploding and therein preventing any spills.
Number fifteen – consider solids over liquids. There are solid alternatives for almost every liquid beauty product that you use today. Stick foundation instead of liquid shampoo and conditioner. I always love the lush solid shampoo bars. Have you ever used those? Ah, they’re so beautiful, even toners. So if you have time and you want to get really TSA-friendly, keep your liquids to a minimum and consider going solid for your travels.
And number sixteen – lucky last, think about where you’re traveling to.

[00:10:16]: Is it going to be really hot? If it is, you might be smart to leave your expensive lipsticks at home, because you then remove any risk of them melting in your bags. Just bring one instead and keep it in your carry on.
Oh, that was a lot, wasn’t it? I hope I made sense of all of that and it made sense to you. If you missed something, I can just send you a copy of these tips. So if you go to themakeuprefinery.com/travel-tips, I’ll send you the list, and then you can just print it out at home and keep it in your files for when it comes travel time.
I hope this has been beneficial for you. And there’s that one tip that you might not have heard before or maybe even more. But yeah, feel free to go to themakeuprefinery.com/travel-tips, and I’ll get that list right to you. Okay, I’ll see you next time.

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