Let’s explore an often hidden gem in the world of makeup – antishine. And discover an affordable alternative to high-end (and high-cost) mattifying products. I’ll let you in on a surprising industry secret that can save your skin and your wallet. If you’re ready to discover how to achieve that perfect matte finish without breaking the bank, let’s go!

the affordable antishine alternative you might be overlooking
clear tube of MAC antishine

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In This Episode We Cover:

  • How staying stocked up on your favorite go-to’s can help you maintain your standards.
  • Being adaptable helps you discover new products.
  • Sometimes the most unexpected solutions can be more cost-effective, better value and significantly broaden your range of options – whether you’re a professional or makeup lover at home.


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Episode 62: Show notes

clear tube of MAC antishine

While I’m not as old as the hills just yet, I’ve been around the makeup block more than a few times, and sure, I’ve faced my share of challenges, but few compare to the discontinuation of a beloved professional mattifying makeup staple.

From MAC Anti-Shine I adore!!!! (and other industry faves) joining the ranks of hard-to-find classics, adapting quickly has become my second nature in maintaining camera-ready complexions on set.

The Panic and the Pursuit

The initial shock of discovering that a beloved fan-favorite product like Mac Anti-Shine has been discontinued can be unsettling.
It sends you not only on a nostalgic journey, but one that is determined to get that product that you simply know WORKS. It does tha job, and you know and trust it to solve your makeup problems.

But yes, it can certainly descend into a desperate scavenger hunt for a worthy replacement.

The pursuit can be long, filled with trials and errors, and there’s always that underlying fear:

What if nothing else works as well?

An Unconventional Discovery

Recently, I stumbled upon a product that isn’t typical for a makeup artist’s kit but proved to be an amazing substitute.

Unexpectedly, the Monistat Anti-Chafing Gel turned out to be my makeup miracle. Yes, a product designed to prevent skin chafing is now a very much key player in my professional makeup kit.

Why Monistat Anti-Chafing Gel Works

This revelation isn’t just about being resourceful – it’s about recognizing potential, sometimes in the most unexpected of places.
And a vital ingredient, dimethicone, that is a silicone-based polymer known for its smooth application on the skin, is the very same ingredient with the same properties of high-end anti-shine makeup products.

The results are pretty amazing – a perfect matte finish, without the shine, making it ideal under studio lights and even for you in your day to day life as well. It also has a totally lightweight feel

And dare I say, a very close dupe for good old MAC Antishine (finally, she said, arms thrown out to the side, thanking the makeup heavens above!)

Affordability Meets Efficiency

Cost-effectiveness is another significant plus.

Monistat’s Anti-Chafing Gel is not only cheaper than most specialized makeup products but also offers similar, if not better, results.

This isn’t just a budget-friendly hack but gives you affordable alternatives for continuous use, and for all skin types – which is vital given the unpredictability of product availability (see above where I begin to share the amount of now defunct antishine, mattifying, pore-refining products of these ultra-specific niches within makeup).

Professional Caution

Now, if you’re a chronic “skip-to-the-ender”, or you only read the P.S. section of my emails (hi – I see you, and it’s okay – I’m occasionally one of you!), it’s crucial to distinguish this gel from other Monistat products, particularly their flagship treatments for yeast infections.
Ensuring you’re using the correct product (look for the fuchsia pink lid) is essential to uphold professional and health standards.

Always triple-check the label!

Embracing Change with Open Arms

Finding Monistat’s Anti-Chafing Gel during my return from an out-of-my-control hiatus has more than reinvigorated my passion for exploring and adapting within the makeup industry.

This fickle and fast-moving industry demands creativity – not only in application but also in the solutions we find to perform our art. But they’re out there!! Promise.

Sometimes you just gotta look harder. Look closer, and look outside the expected avenues.

A Renewed Commitment to Creativity

This experience reinforces the notion that sometimes, the best solutions arise from the most unexpected sources. Whether you fall into the fully-fledged, seasoned makeup artists pigeon hole, or the beauty enthusiasts among us, or even a budding makeup artist ready to take on the world, approach each challenge as an opportunity for innovation.

The next great makeup hack might just be hidden right in front of you, waiting to be discovered.

To my peers and in fact, all fellow artists out there, remember: adaptability isn’t just about survival; it’s about thriving creatively, finding joy in new discoveries, and pushing your own boundaries of traditional makeup artistry.

And I’m all for that, no matter where it leads us!

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Episode Transcript

[00:00:01]: If you follow me on Instagram, or perhaps we’ve even worked on set together, you may be well familiar with my long term relationship with Mac anti shine.

And before you say my favorite products have all been discontinued, well, I’m sad to say that, yes, the Mac anti-shine does belong to that now prestigious group of discontinued gems. I’m sure they’re all partying in some deep, dark warehouse like the one at the end of the Indiana Jones movie the Mac anti Shine. Peter Thomas Roth Mac’s anti-shine now, I believe.
Lancome Pure Focus, Laura Mercier Secret finish, so many – why is it that all the good things become discontinued?

Selfishly, I can thank that little part of me that does tend to stockpile products that I like, that I keep discovering hidden gems in my makeup storage that now sees me hoarding between about five and ten tubes of matte anti shine. So there’s no need for you to worry about me. I’m good. And if you need some in some kind of makeup apocalypse, you know where you can find me.

[00:01:52]: Now, despite the fact that, yes, I personally am very well taken care of when it comes to my favourite anti shine, it doesn’t hurt to know and be supplied with some alternatives. Now, one such alternative that you may or may not know about just yet is the Indeed Labs Nano blur cream.

Now indeed Labs is a ten or so year old canadian company, at least at the time of recording this episode, which is in early 2024. And now, Nanoblur instantly put indeed labs on the mat and garnered them a solid reputation for what they do, which is create skincare products with formulas of the highest quality and not just products with one single strong ingredient. Now, indeed, lab’s goal with nano blur is to encourage people to feel great in the skin that they’re in.

So in presenting Nano Blur as a must have to smooth, mattify and soften lines and pores, and so much more, as all my anti shine obsesses will know. Indeed, labs has proven that they are innovative leaders with a strong mantra to provide effective skincare products by way of complete ingredient transparency at an affordable price.

On top of this indeed, labs pride themselves on the notion that 85% of their products are vegan.

[00:03:17]: And the even better news is that you can now get Nano blur at Ulta in the US. When I first tried to track it down years ago, I suspect I might have had to even order it directly from them in Canada as our industry stockists were out of supplies at the time, and I’ll link to it in the show notes if you want to grab some too.

But Nanoblur is definitely one to keep an eye on. Now for my beginners, my noobs, and my brand new emerging artists among us, or just simply dedicated anti-shine mattifying wearers, 25 dollars a pop may just be out of your price range, and understandably so.

And as this is the podcast that tries desperately to deliver you good news, well, I have good news, and that is that there is a way more affordable option to deliver mattifying anti shine goodness.

And what if I told you that I could recommend you not only a more affordable option, but that it’s in a larger size tube as well, and that that one tube basically costs around a quarter of the cost of one tube of nano blur? You’d be pretty thrilled, right? Well, you may already know this trade secret, and if you don’t, I am excited to let you in on it. But that is drumroll. Monostat anti chafing gel.

[00:04:43]: And it’s essentially made up of the exact same ingredients as most anti shine and mattifying products on the market. It’s a silicon-based drying gel product. It contains dimethicone, which is a silicone based polymer that creates that smooth, gliding feeling on the surface of your skin. Hence it being an anti chafing product. Right?

It all makes sense, doesn’t it? But if you take a look at the ingredients in anti shine makeup products, they all do generally contain dimethicone. So win win.

Anyway, that’s my little tip for the day. Check out Monistat Anti Chafing Gel with the fuchsia pink lid.

[00:05:22]: Now this is not to be confused with Monistats flagship yeast infection products, now is it?

It’s purely an anti chafing powder gel and should not be used for anything otherwise. And to be clear, vice versa.

So you want to look out for the fuchsia pink lid and the label clearly stating monistat anti chafing powder gel.

I’ll link to it in my show notes page for this episode so that there’s no confusion and you can get it from the right place. You don’t want to pull out the wrong tube of Monistat on last looks now, do you? Okay, that’s it for today. And before I go, it is so great to be back after a little mini hiatus that I took. I hope that you’re happy the podcast is back, and I’m happy to deliver it to you, so please do feel free to dm me on instagram at the makeup refinery if you have any episode requests. If there’s anything you’d love to hear me carry on about for a few minutes.

Kerrin [00:06:20]:
Of course, makeup related, I’d be more than happy to oblige. Okay, I’ll see you next time. Bye.

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