There are endless options for creating original and fun costume ideas for Halloween, so there’s no need to feel the pressure of a repeat look.
Inside this episode, I hope to give you lots of creative of food for thought for the season!


Halloween makeup ideas

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In This Episode We Cover:

  • How to find your own starting points for great Halloween costume inspiration
  • Using makeup to accentuate your costume choice
  • You don’t have to wear a mask to get creative on Halloween


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Episode 16: Show notes

As Halloween sneaks upon us, as it seems to do each and every year, I suspect this year may see the return of the big Halloween-bashes we used to go to before the world shut-down into some form of germophobe’s nightmare back in 2020.
But the downside to that can be just simply coming up with your costume, and then, asking the eternal question “What makeup am I going to wear?”

Inside this post, I hope that I can give you some great jumping off points, and get that Halloween brainstorming underway.
So here are some of my first stops when picking a costume and makeup look for Halloween.

Movie Character Marvels

Drawing inspiration from iconic movie characters is a foolproof way to make a statement.

Personally, I love exploring 1970s horror movies because you can find some obscure yet effectively simple makeup ideas.
Sometimes these makeup designs can be somewhat crude in execution, so in effect, these looks can be easily recreated and still manage to appear authentic.
The 70s offer such a wide range of genres as well, so there’s something for everyone. From classic monsters to cult favorites, you can let your creativity run wild and transform into a character that will send shivers down spines.

Timely and Topical Figures

Why not stir up some conversation with your Halloween look?

There’s nothing more original than taking inspiration from public figures or world leaders making headlines.
Look to pop stars who find themselves in the hot seat, allowing you to ignite conversations while having fun with your makeup.
By choosing someone timely or topical, you can really poke a bit of fun, and have fun in the meantime. Let your costume spark intriguing discussions, lots of laughs, and undoubtedly, more photo ops than anyone else at your party.

Nature-Inspired Wonders

For a unique twist, why not explore the wonders of nature and add a touch of wit?
You can have fun with words as well, by transforming into a cleverly named natural entity, aligning your costume with the current season or hot topics.
Draw inspiration from animals, plants, or mythical creatures, and let your imagination soar. I also think there’s plenty of room for a bright color scheme within this character choice as well.
Not only will this approach give you endless possibilities, but it also showcases your creativity and a knack for puns.

From Page to Reality

Yep, you can really unleash your inner fan by transforming into one of your most beloved characters from a TV show, movie, book, game, or comic book.
Whether it’s a superhero, a fantasy character, or a childhood icon, embodying a character from your favorite form of entertainment allows you to pay homage and connect with your fellow nerds at the same time.
Its always fun to get a kick out of people’s reactions to, especially when you really pay attention to detail with your chosen character.

In the world of Halloween makeup, the possibilities are endless.

And no matter what your character choice ends up being, you can elevate your Halloween costume to new heights.
Embrace the spirit of the holiday, abandon the masks (woohoo!), and let your creativity shine through your carefully crafted makeup looks.

Remember to have fun, and don’t forget to share your creations with me on Instagram (I’m @themakeuprefinery).

Happy haunting!


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Episode Transcript


I know I have so many friends all over the US who are basically in heaven right now, and that’s because we are now just entering this season of the year. That is their favorite time, and that time includes their favorite holiday, and of course, the reason for being so, and that is Halloween.
So as we crawl out of the COVID-induced cave we’ve all been forced to dwell in in the last few years, it’s really exciting to see a slow return to all these big group gatherings that we go to. Concerts, live events, what have you, to get to go to them without having to wear a mask.
Oh, except that’s what you do on Halloween, right? Oh, the irony. It’s torture. But it doesn’t have to be. You don’t have to wear a mask on Halloween because you could focus just a little bit more on a cool costume and a bit of the old face paint or even some simple prosthetics if you’re savvy and wow your friends and fellow Halloweeners with the most impressive look of the night.


Now, while you and I might not have the resources or budget of Heidi Klum at hand, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have some fun and get creative with your look.
And I know that sometimes the biggest challenge is simply coming up with another original idea that will keep him guessing as to who you are. Right? I often like to look to movie characters for inspiration, but that’s just because I love movies, so it’s kind of fun for me to do that. But it’s also fun to look at inspirational figures, world leaders that can be topical, pop stars that are in a slight bit of hot water right now.
That’s always fun and can spark lots of conversation, depending on the taste of the matter.


Of course, I like to look to 1970s horror movies because you can usually find some quite obscure but really cool makeups that can be and this is not a put down because I love them all, but they can be pretty crude in their application and therefore way easier to apply now for you and to look authentic. So that’s just something to think about.
Or you could go the other way altogether and that is look to nature and then put a witty name to that. It might be timely or topical as well. Perhaps you could go as a version of a TV movie book game or comic book character.
And yeah, as I mentioned, pop stars past and present are always fun to recreate. You can always give a nod to your very favorite singer or musician as well. There are endless options for creating original and fun costume ideas for Halloween, so I hope this has given you lots of food for thought for this year.


And remember to have fun and just wow them with your ideas and your concepts. And I’m going to circle back closer to Halloween, but DM me on Instagram or tag me at the makeup refinery because I want to see your Halloween looks as well. It’s so much fun. Okay, bye.


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