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Your life should be filled with joy, not YouTube tutorials.

I’m Kerrin. And for the last 27 years, I’ve put makeup on some of the world’s best-known and loved movie stars.
But now, you’re my focus.
5 Minute Face Talk allows me to share easy-to-follow makeup tips, product ravings, and techniques with you.
I’m bursting to help you land your clients, actors and models look and feel like a million bucks!
From corrective to creature work, and everything in between,
5 Minute Face Talk is here to guide you.

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What my followers are saying

“Okay, another laugh out loud because it is so relatable and your wonderful way of expressing yourself, thank you!”

Thecla Luisi
Makeup Artist, USA

“I absolutely love reading your articles and now listening to your podcast AND seeing the incredible work you create. Thanks for sharing your knowledge of makeup, hair and special effects work with us.
You are an inspiration!”

Emily Everingham
Makeup Artist, Australia

I’m Kerrin 👋🏻

and when my movie makeup day job ground to a halt in 2020, I felt the overwhelming need to redirect.

It all started with a little blog project that has since grown into The Makeup Refinery – my very own corner of the internet.
My love of language and putting pen to paper (at least fingertips to keyboard) has allowed me to start sharing what’s been shared with me, with YOU!

I’ve been doing makeup since I was in my teens (just a few years ago 😉 and The Makeup Refinery has given me an epic opportunity to combine my love of creating with a commercial career I wouldn’t change for a second.

While I’m honestly not terribly warm and cozy in the spotlight, even from behind the weighted blanket of my laptop, I aim to share all of my learnings with you and help bring a little joy to your face (and those you pop makeup on too).

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