Discover why Korean skincare products have taken the beauty world by storm and how you can incorporate them into your routine. Stay tuned for some fantastic recommendations and tips. Snail slime and a 10-step routine optional. Let’s get started!

have you ever wonder what makes korean beauty so popular?
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In This Episode We Cover:

  • Korean Beauty is here to stay
  • What makes Korean skincare and makeup products so alluring
  • How you can access my free Korean Beauty guide which is the perfect introduction to what makes K Beauty so awesome


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Episode 29: Show notes

korean lip sleeping mask

Have you ever wondered what makes Korean beauty so popular?
With so many years in the world of makeup, I’ve only very recently discovered the wonders of Korean skincare products and their effectiveness.

In this episode of 5 Minute Face Talk, I discuss the importance of Korean beauty and how it has become a staple in the global market of makeup and skincare.

And I want to delve deeper into this topic and provide you with a comprehensive guide to Korean beauty.

So, let’s go.

The Phenomenon of Korean Beauty: Affordable and Effective Skincare

A bit of an unusual intorduction to this topic, but I want to share what inspired me to even explore Korean Beauty with you here, as it comes from somewhere else entirely.


Understanding Affiliate Links and Amazon’s Changes

Affiliate linking is an integral part of my blog, where I recommend specific products and share professional expertise to benefit my audience. At the time of posting this, Amazon has made a recent announcement regarding the cancellation of image links for affiliate marketing caused a bit of a panic for me (and all of my fellow bloggin friends!), as for me, it meant updating each of my 150+ blog posts within a very limited timeframe.
However, this experience pmade me realize that my most popular posts are nearly all centered around Korean beauty products.

The Rise of Korean Beauty

Korean beauty, or K beauty, has been gaining significant momentum in recent years.

It offers high-quality, well-made, and affordable products that cater to various skincare needs. Brands like Laneige, Sulwhasoo, CosRX, Innisfree, Dr Jart and Etude House have garnered immense popularity, both among consumers and professional makeup artists.

Exploring Korean Skincare Products

Regardless of your role in the makeup world, exploring Korean skincare and beauty products can be incredibly beneficial for you.

Special effects makeup artists may focus on healing and replenishing products for aftercare, while fashion or bridal makeup artists require a more comprehensive skincare collection, sometimes for very specific skin concerns.

Korean beauty products provide a wide range of options to suit every need and every skin type.

The Must-Have Korean Beauty Products

I have to highlight one of my favorite K-beauty products that deserves a mention.

My standout favorite product is the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask, which helps hydrate and soften your lips overnight.

Seriously, if this is your first time entertaining the thought of Korean skin care products, whether for yourself, or your performers or clients, it’s a must-try for anyone seeking smooth and supple lips.

My Korean Beauty Guide

To help you navigate the world of Korean beauty, I’ve put together a free Korean Beauty Guide on my website. I wish I had this guide when I was first introduced to the wonderful world of K Beauty!

My guide provides in-depth information about K beauty, its phenomenon, and a list of my top 30 Korean skincare and makeup brands. Whether you’re new to Korean beauty or looking to expand your knowledge, this guide is a valuable resource.

The popularity of Korean beauty is undeniable, thanks to its affordability and effectiveness.

As a makeup artist, I have witnessed the accessible impact Korean skincare products can have on my actors and performers.

With an array of high-quality brands and products, there is truly something for everyone, regardless of your skincare needs.

So, take a moment to explore the wonders of Korean beauty and discover the transformative possibilities it holds for you and your clients.

Together, let’s embrace the world of Korean beauty and unlock the secrets to looking and feeling fab ourselves, and our wonderful clients and performers.


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My FREE Korean Beauty Guide!


Episode Transcript

[00:00:00]: I had some bad news this week.
Well, earlier in this week, so I guess it’s last week. Now, part of my business is my blog. It’s my website and my beloved blog that was the very beginning of The Makeup Refinery.
And part of its growth is something called affiliate links. Now, if you’re not in that world, what affiliate linking is that I create a blog post about, say, I don’t know, my favorite airbrush makeup products, and I mention specific things that I love specific products and I can create a link to that product where it’s available online. And in this case, and what I’m referring to in this episode, Amazon.

[00:00:45]: And then I get a small commission on every purchase that is made as a result of you clicking on my links.
And it’s great. It’s a great system because I provide my professional expertise and I recommend you products that then you buy.
And then I get rewarded. I mean, very, in a very subtle, small way, but it’s great.
And it’s something that I enjoy doing because that’s what this whole business of mine is all about, is passing on the information that I have had passed to me and that I’ve learned.
And now part of the Amazon links that I like to use are what? There’s two, there’s text links and there’s image links. And I love to use image links too, if I can.

[00:01:33]: Now, I could go into more details about this, but honestly, it’s really actually quite boring. I mean, I could talk about it all day, go down the rabbit hole, but it’s just not interesting conversation.
And quite frankly, it has very little to do with makeup, which is what we’re here to talk all about, isn’t it?

But getting back to it, this week, Amazon kindly announced that they’re canceling their use of image links, affiliate links that are images, which caused me to have a mini meltdown because I’m a one-man band or one-woman band, really.
But I do everything at this point.
And the best news is that they are canceling this on the 1 December and I got this email on the 10th of November.
So I have 20 days to go through my 150-odd blog posts and update the images and change them so that they’re no longer Amazon image links.
This is just me crying over here in the corner, actually, right now. Hi.

[00:02:37]: So, yeah, that’s me right now. And I promise I’m getting somewhere with this.
The point is coming sometime soon.
So I created a spreadsheet, and I added all the posts that I know need work in this area and it’s all systematized.
So whenever I get a minute, I can just pop into the spreadsheet, refer to the blog posts, and start updating those image links.
And of course, I’m starting with the most popular posts because they’re the ones that the most people are seeing and clicking on.
So it’s a whole thing. But you know what?

[00:03:09]: This is where I’m getting here – I promise you. All of my popular posts are about Korean beauty and Korean skincare products.

[00:03:53]: So that’s what prompted this episode. It came very spontaneously.
I’ve got to talk to you about Korean beauty. So here we are.
Anyway, so now that you’ve had that marathon of an introduction, let’s get to it.
Korean skincare products are the best. And regardless of where you are in your world of makeup, I think it’s important to have even just a tiny awareness of Korean beauty because in it you can find high-quality, well-made, and effective products that are really affordable.
Some of my favorite brands are Korean – Laneige, Sulwahsoo, COSRX, Innisfree, Glow Recipe, Etude House.

[00:04:34]: I could keep going on and on.
So if, let’s say, you’re a special effects makeup artist and perhaps your skincare demands might be more confined to a couple of healing or replenishing products for aftercare for your actors, and perhaps maybe astringents or toners for skin prep before you do your makeup application.

Or if you’re a fashion or bridal makeup artist, your skincare collection is probably going to be way more comprehensive, and you probably feel like you practically have to be a board-certified dermatologist.

But when I realized that my most popular blog posts on the makeup refinery are all Korean beauty-related, I just acknowledged that it’s definitely for good reason.
K Beauty is growing every year, and that’s for Korean, not for Kerrin. I’m not quite there yet.

We’re growing, but not quite yet. And you should definitely start exploring Korean skincare and beauty products for yourself and your clients and your models actors.

[00:05:38]: If you haven’t before, I’ll link to some of my posts about various popular Korean products and at this point, I have to share with you some of my favorite products that deserve a mention here, which also happen to be Korean.
And the top pick for me would have to be Laneige Lip Sleeping mask, which is way harder to say when you’re trying to sound good saying it. Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask There we go.

So I’ve put together a free guide as well. If this is all just too many products, too many brands to remember, or if you want to just brush up on your K beauty, then check out my Korean beauty guide at

See, it’s quite simple where I will walk you through the phenomena that is K Beauty and also give you my top 30 Korean skincare and makeup brands.
So if this is a new world to you, there’s plenty of information for you to go check it out. it’s yours for free.

[00:06:46]: Bit of a long one today, but I had fun with this and hopefully, I’ve introduced one or two of you out there to another very pocket-friendly approach to your own or your professional skincare.

If you’re listening, go ahead and subscribe so you can stay up to date with my latest episodes as they are hot off the podcast presses. And if you really love the show, please give it a rating. Five stars are the best and if you fancy it, if you’ve got five minutes, give me an old-fashioned review.

That would just be the best thing in the world and really help support the podcast. So thank you again. I love hearing from you when particular episodes speak to you. I love hear hearing about it.

Kerrin [00:07:30]: It really makes me feel like this is all worthwhile. So we’ll see you next time. Bye.


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