Does wearing lipstick always end up with you having dull, dry or even flaky lips? Learn my favorite techniques for conquering the dreaded lipstick-induced dry lip and some of my favorite secret hacks for managing your favorite matte.

episode takeaways
  • Wear lippy without getting dry lips
  • Learn my best lip exfoliating techniques
  • A pro tip for wearing a matte without the dryness
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What You Will Learn In This Episode:

  • Wearing lipstick doesn’t have to mean you have dry lips
  • My favorite lip exfoliating products and techniques
  • My secret product hack for wearing matte lipstick without your lips feeling dry
  • And an even more secret anti-shine alternative

Whenever I feel a bit fancy and I’m actually making the effort to wear lipstick, I usually end up with super dry lips, and they can start to feel dry while I’m wearing lippy, or after. When I get home to take off all those layers that I’ve been reapplying all day or evening, I clean myself up and try to avoid looking like a four-year-old girl having eaten a bright red frozen ice cream look. But I always end up with dry irritated lips.

So what I’ve come up with is some tips to help you keep your lipstick on when you need it without getting super dry lips.

And this is particularly applicable if you’re a big lover of matte lipstick too.

So let’s go through my little list that I’ve put together for you.

I feel like it’s what you do when you’re not wearing lipstick that counts and can prevent them from being dry.

So keeping that in mind, in your downtime, or after you clean your teeth at night, try a gentle lip exfoliation.

I love using and recommending these little loop exfoliator brushes.

They kind of look like toothbrushes but with bumpy silicone ends that you can use to gently remove the dead skin from your lips. It’s great to do this after you clean your teeth, because it’s basically just before bedtime, right?

So you can exfoliate your lips, throw on a lip sleeping mask, and let it get to work while you get to sleep.

And if you find this isn’t enough, you can bump up your exfoliating with a sugar scrub.

This can be really rewarding as the combo of sugar scrub and lip brush can really quickly slough off the dead skin. It will also tackle any flakiness that’s helping your lips to feel dry and making your lippy look less than fab.

So these are the best things to do when your lipstick’s not on.

Another thing is to remember to hydrate. Your lips, that is. Always look after your lip’s moisture levels when you’re not wearing your lippy.

If you are absolutely dedicated to wearing that matte lipstick and you’ve blotted and powdered and powdered and blotted, but now your lips feel like you’ve had your mouth washed out with cotton, try this. Use an anti-shine or a mattifier very lightly over your matte lipstick. Here’s one of my faves of recent times.

I know that sounds kind of weird, but anti-shine is a silicon-based gel-like substance that works in its day job by dulling the sheen from your skin. Although this sounds totally counterproductive, it isn’t – trust me!

This is because it actually sits on the surface of your lips and acts like a smooth film that will prevent your lips from drying out.

But less is more. So start small and see how you go, and remember to drink water while not directly linked to your lips.

Well, I guess it kind of is, but by keeping yourself hydrated, you’ll help to keep your lips hydrated too. And don’t forget the SPF in your lip balms because your lips can get burnt too. It sucks, and it’s gonna make them even more dry, so keep them protected when you’re sans lippy.


Resources mentioned in this episode:

Silicon Lip Exfoliator Brush

Anti shine

Anti shine Alternative

Lip Sleeping Mask

Lip Sugar Scrub

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