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3 Most Vital Techniques For Creating Vintage Makeup Looks

(Hint: they’re not what you think!)

Creating flawless, head-turning vintage makeup looks is not always easy.

With my free guide, you’ll learn to identify and navigate the three biggest makeup challenges that you face when creating period-correct makeup looks.

Here’s What You’ll Get Inside This Free Guide

I’ll walk you through the three most important makeup techniques you should know to create authentic vintage makeup looks.

  • You’ll learn my favorite technique to quickly identify the challenges you need to overcome to create your vintage makeup looks.
  • Discover one of the most common modern modifications that hinder your vintage makeups. Every time.
  • Learn the single-most important facial feature you will face challenges with when looking to create your vintage makeup.
What you’ll gain from this freebie

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I’m kerrin

and I’m passionate about helping you improve your makeup techniques, knowledge, and skills.

Makeup artistry has been my passion and career for 25 years and change now.
Being fortunate enough to work in this exciting and creative field is something I ponder a lot.

And now, it’s time for me to share with you some of the things I’ve learned along the way.

(You might even find out my favorite time period for makeup!)

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