Want to learn how to punch realistic eyebrows for prosthetic appliances and fake heads?

Well, here’s your chance! I’m offering a brand new introductory workshop for punching eyebrows.

old lady with makeup on
Eyebrow and Eyelash punching for VVDFX

Punchin’ Eyebrows Workshop

Where: Naimie’s – Burbank, California

When: Tue Aug 22 and Wed Aug 23

This workshop is the perfect introduction to hair-punching eyebrows for the makeup effects industry.

Whether you have some hair-punching experience or none at all, this small, hands-on workshop is the opportunity to start. And what better time to add a new skill to your repertoire?

Ready to get punching?



Creating realistic eyebrows for makeup effects isn’t easy.

does this sound like you?


Perhaps you already have some punching experience but struggle with making sharp needles or not knowing the right tools for the job.


Or do you end up a hairy mess and can’t seem to control the angle of the hair you’re working with?


Maybe you’ve already thought about wanting to learn the basics of hair-punching eyebrows?

“As a long-time fan of Kerrin’s work, the opportunity to learn directly from her was incredibly exciting and invaluable.

And beyond the technique of punching, a lot of additional knowledge and information is very hard to come by. In just two days, Kerrin shares a wealth of information that enables the students to start developing and practicing their skills immediately.”

shelby-michael patton
Punchin’ eyebrows workshop student
local 706 Makeup Artist
well you know what?

This workshop is perfect for you!

Inside the Punchin’ Brows Workshop, you will learn the basics of punching realistic eyebrows for film and television. And I’m sharing my very own techniques and knowledge that I have developed over my 25 years of film and television experience.
Learn these extremely specialized techniques in a small, relaxed, and hands-on environment.

students in classroom
Students perfecting their eyebrow punching skills inside the Punchin’ Eyebrows Workshop in 2023

Punchin’ Eyebrows Workshop

In the Punchin’ Brows Workshop, you will learn how to hand-punch realistic, film-quality eyebrows. These techniques can provide you with the skill set you can then apply to punching full heads, faces, creature suits, and larger-scale projects as well.

Let’s get down to business

Here is what we cover…

Day One

  • the benefits of hand-punching eyebrows
  • how punching can be an invaluable skill to have as a makeup artist
  • learn how to prep and sharpen fine needles for clean, efficient, and organized work
  • hand-punching with human hair to create realistic eyebrows

Day Two

  • understanding fur for punching eyebrows
  • how to source and prep fur for eyebrow punching
  • the pros and cons of human hair vs. fur for punching
  • dressing techniques for eyebrows
man with expressive face - silicon ffake head of an with hair
Facial Hairpunching for VVDFX – Fur Eyebrows

Frequently Asked Questions

Punchin’ Brows Workshop will take place at: Naimies – Burbank, located at 2721 W Magnolia Blvd, Burbank, CA 91505.

Classes run from 9.30am until 5.30pm including breaks.

Unfortunately this is a two day workshop. To master your skills the most efficient way possible, it is mandatory to attend both days of the workshop, for the full 8hrs of class.

A kit will be provided for each student containing the following: human hair, fur, needles, handle, silicon form for punching, sharpening stone, and blades (worth almost $100).

This kit will be yours to keep after the completion of the workshop. This is the perfect starter kit to get you well on your way to punching brow after brow!

Once you sign up, you will receive all the info with recommended gear to bring. It is suggested you bring your own desk lamp, ring light and stand, or TML for close work, plus your own personal hair gear. These are things you should already own as a makeup artist or hairstylist.

If you need to buy any last-minute equipment, Naimies will kindly honor the Pro discount for you to purchase any last-minute goodies while we are in class.

Unfortunately, I cannot arrange your accommodation for you. I suggest you check out Airbnb or, if you have friends in LA, to start there. Burbank is a very safe area, and if you are looking to stay close by, it is a great place to walk to from nearby accommodations.

At this time, this is a one-off workshop. Although this may change in the future, there is no guarantee this workshop will be offered again at this stage.

Seats to the Brow Punchin’ Workshop Won’t Last!

The class number will be kept very small to ensure you receive the optimum amount of teacher-to-student attention that learning a skill such as this requires. So be sure to get in quickly. Seats are limited!

sign up below to secure your seat!


Sign Up Below – seats are limited!


What’s included:

Two-Day Brow Punching Workshop
Hair Punching Starter Kit (almost $100 value)
Live Demos and Slides
Personal Trainings
Hands-on Learning with your own silicon form to keep
Naimies Pro Discount for workshop duration