I confess. I’m a makeup hoarder.

For some reason, over the course of the last 15,001 years of my life in makeup, I seem to have accumulated every. single. makeup. product. on the face of the earth. All crammed into my tiny 1920s garage slash workshop.

I remember being a young, ambitious makeup student when a very cool opportunity to work with the boss on a very cool, big film came my way. 

But I was already coordinating the students from our class to help out each morning (and gain work experience on said, big, cool show) so the boss thought I would be better off staying in that position, and I lost the job.

I thought my career was over before I even gave it a chance to begin. 

To li’l 17-year-old me, it was the end of the world. 

Puppy time

First thing everyday

Heron Island, Australia

Favorite place


most important


Favorite Show

I’ve been there, too. I’ve missed super-cool opportunities, that I thought would never come again.

But you know what? They do! Sometimes, when you least expect it!

Like another really big opportunity (ironically, with that same boss, about 5 years later) on my first day at work the two of us doing makeup together and I spilled a bottle of prosaid (that’s a white, very strong prosthetic adhesive, to those who don’t know) down the front of the actor we were making up at the time. Yep, I was nervous.

Luckily, the actor was wearing a big protective makeup cape. “Don’t do anything without a cape!”

And it kind of broke the ice a little. I got nervous. It happens. 

Yep, I make mistakes too.

Sometimes, makeup techniques are hard to pick up and implement. But within the solid walls of The Makeup Refinery, there is the opportunity to learn.

To listen, observe and take with you what you want.

Leave the rest for next time.

I’ve been where you are, and I understand the struggles and frustrations that come with dedicating yourself to pursuing a career in makeup.


Have you ever missed out on a job you desperately wanted?

Either to work with a makeup artist that you’re a big fan of or get to visit a super cool location that you never thought, even in your wildest dreams, you’d get to experience first-hand.

Hi. I’d like to introduce myself – Kerrin – yep, I’ve done that, too. Said no to jobs that ended up being really cool, had incredible work in them, and won really big, gold awards. Like really big ones. 

And you know what? It’s all totally fine. 


Because for me, the true reward is in the doing. The learning and the creating. These are true joys in life for me. 

So I hope that this becomes infectious with you, too. (not in a The Last of Us kind of infectious way) but that I can share a technique or two. And yes, perhaps pass on to you my love of makeup and creating cool stuff somewhat infectiously.
Regardless of where your love of makeup stems from, either professionally or just for you at home, I welcome you into my little corner of the internet. Devoted entirely to the art and illusion of makeup.

I hope we can walk down this path together. 


P.S. Yes, I love The Simpsons. Seasons 5 through 9.